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ss ZHO
Drives: 2011 Mustang GT (formally 1999 Z28)
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My Reivew of Camaro SS vs Mustang GT

Well, I am in the market for a new car. I have been seriously considering the Camaro since the concept. What I will give here is my opinions of the comparison of my test drive of the Camaro SS and Mustang GT.

Exterior Looks
Both cars look great. I think the Camaro has a more aggressive and retro look, and I really LOVE it. Mustang also has a great look. Both cars get a thumbs up.

Both cars are fast. Yes I know the numbers would show that the Mustang is a bit quicker, but that doesn't bother me and is not a big factor in my decision of buying a car. Don't get me wrong, acceleration does matter, but when the cars are mid 12s to low 13s, its good enough for me.

Shift Quality
Unfortunately I have to give it to the Mustang on this. I love the smooth manual shift. It seems a bit shorter throw and the shifter feels nicer too. The Camaro is OK, but just isnt as good, IMHO. The Camaro shift felt a bit more "sticky" when changing gears.

Interior Quality
This is a bit tough. Both cars have better points....I will list them.

Radio: Camaro has a great looking radio. High definition and large display. Mustang has something out of the 80s. I do not like seeing the dots in the numbering and lettering. Camaro for the win on this one.

Radio Sound: Not sure on this one. The Mustang does have some large door speakers that can really kick the base. I am thinking the Camaro has good quality sound too.

Interior Trim: Mustang easily takes the win on this. It had an aluminum panel across the dash. The dash felt like better material too. Also, the door panels on the Mustang have fabric or leather. I do not like the plastic panels of the Camaro on the doors or across the dash (nice style, but poor material choice). The Camaro did have nicer climate control knobs, however, and the interior door panel lighting just ROCKS (It would have been interesting to see how it looks wrapped around the dash).

Instrument Panel: Camaro's speedometer and tachometer are easily better looking quality than Mustangs. It also has a nicer digital information center there. I also LOVE the location of the secondary gages near the shifter. Just adds some style and class to the car. The Mustangs gages are not bad, just doesn't stand out as much as the Camaros. The Mustang does offer something really cool tho, the ability to change the color of the gages (also the ambient lighting). It definitely has a coolness factor.

Seats: The Camaro definitely gets the win on this. Mustang seats are OK in comfort, but the Camaro's are way more comfortable.

Brake Quality
Camaro comes stock with Brembos. Mustang its a $1700 option (and you only get them on the front). I heard the Mustang can still brake good with stock, but Camaro gets the win on this easily.

Wheel Quality
Camaro tires are likely more expensive. 20" rims and wider tires I think. I love the look of them too. Mustang comes with stock 18" and there are a few options for 19" to pick from (about $900 cost). Both look nice, so both get a thumbs up.

Rag Top Impression
The Mustang offers a convertible and it looks great. I know the Camaro will offer one early next year, however, I do not like the way it looks (from pictures/videos I have seen). I think the aggressive styling of the Camaro with the low roof line and highlighted rear quarter panels just dont make good for a rag top (beautiful hard top, however).

Overall, my decision was very difficult. I had to drive the Camaro and Mustang on 3 separate occasions. In the end I will buy the Mustang tho. This was a very very difficult choice. Both cars are great and competitively priced. As I mentioned here, both have some great qualities and some areas for improvement.

Reason I chose Mustang over Camaro:
  • I get a feeling of a overall better interior (the plastic door and dash panel inserts really take away from Camaro IMHO).
  • I really like the shift quality better on the Mustang (better shift knob too).
  • Finally, I am a convertible person. I think the Mustang convertible looks great.
I will still visit these forums however, and please do not take any offense to this review of mine. Someone from GM may be listening and it may benefit them to hear the opinion of 1 car buyer.

BTW, this decision of mine was not taken lightly. I come from a GM family and my last 2 cars have been Chevy (only two cars I bought in 20 years...LOL). Chevy power-train has treated me well.

Overall, its great to see such fierce competition between GM and Ford. I am sure anyone buying either of the cars would be very happy with them.

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Drives: 2010 SS
Join Date: May 2010
Location: Oklahoma
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well written review, sorry to hear you are crossing over to the dark side tho! good luck!
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shawn18's Avatar
Drives: 1969 CaRaMo
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Congrats man atleast you took the time to find the car that suits you of luck with it and dont be a stranger around here
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ss ZHO
Drives: 2011 Mustang GT (formally 1999 Z28)
Join Date: Apr 2010
Location: Detroit, Michigan
Posts: 60
Thanks guys. At first when I even considered the Mustang, I felt a mega traitor. It was almost hard to look my current 1999 Camaro in the eye/headlights (LOL). You know what tho, in the end I give it up to anyone thats buying any of the 3 American muscle cars. They are all nice and made in the USA (Canada is like a big state, right?).

I may cross over to Ford, but I will never buy a rice burner. Too many in this country do not realize how many people our auto industry employees, and its importance to the health of our nation.
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Night Fury
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good for you! Now make sure you get the 373 gears..

2014 Black ZL1 - Toothless -
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Drives: 1969 CaRaMo
Join Date: May 2009
Location: North Carolina
Posts: 3,082
Well said and I agree there really isn't a "bad" choice out there among the big 3.......I for one like all of these cars..........make sure to post some pics of the new 5.0 when you get all actuality I am afraid to test drive one if you know what I mean........ I can understand your feeling of betrayal because every time I look up the 2011 GT online and even entertain the idea of owning one I get a feeling of guilt in my gut.......I am not going to stray from the Camaro, I just love it too much but that new 5.0 is one bad dude
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Drives: 2010 Camaro 2SS/RS LS3
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I like them both as well, you wont go wrong with either
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