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Need Advice on A 67 - 68 project car

Ok well I finally am making some good money and want to start my 67-69 Camaro project car. Im looking for any advice people have. The basics of what i want to do is simple. I want to start with just a body and chasis of either a 67, 68, or 69 Camaro. I have no preference to the model, numbers matching or any off that because i plan on making it a resto mod. Any suggestions on best places to look for this? Also perhaps the best crate chevy crate engine and tranny for the money. Ive seen a lot of people put 350s in them and get about 400 hp n 400 tq which is enough for me. I really just want to get started and find the best start for my project. Im looking to drop around $2,000 - $4,000 on the car itself (doesnt need an engine or anything, and body doesnt need to be in great condition) and then slowly take it from there over time. Im located in NYC. So if anyone has any advice or tips on such a project they would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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Craigslist, eBay, be prepared to travel. When I was in the army i was stationed in Kentucky and bought my 67 off ebay. I talked to the guy first, a lot. We went to pick it up in Pennsylvania and it turned out to be a better deal than I thought. The guy had all kinds of nos parts that were still in boxes that went with and a running 396/4-speed. Also check out They have a lot of first gen gurus. They can even help with the rebuild.
Good luck.
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I search ads, etc. off and on. For that price, you probably won't get much more than the body and frame. No trim, interior, wiring, etc. Stinks, but that is the market these days... I do see a "roller" in need of rust repair and body and glass only for sub $10k every once in awhile. It's rare, though... You just have to keep at it.
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I think a good roller will average around $7000. What are your suspension plans? If not going with a bolt/weld-in 4 link in the rear, you may want to avoid '67's. In '67 the rear shocks mount on the front of the axle which can lead to spring wind-up axle/hop during hard acceleration/braking. In '68/'69 they staggered the shocks mounting one on the rear of the axle to help eliminate most of the axle hop issues.
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Im just basically going to look around till i find the right car. Im in no rush but just want to start with a decent rolling chasis for a good price. Everyone tells me to go for a later year because it will be much cheaper but im only interested in the 60's body. Anybody have any experience with dropping a crate engine and tranny in?
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Rust is the most costly part of any restoration. I would concentrate my search to southern states and find a car that has not lived in winter environments where road salt was used. Even then, a good thorough inspection is needed.

I learned this the hard way when I was a young man. Hopefully you use the information to your advantage.

Try deserts like Phoenix or Las Vegas for openers.

All of that said, this guy has two good cars for 8 grand each. They came from the desert.
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