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Maroon 6.2L SS
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Keep losing power???

Hey all. I've got something going on here and don't understand what it is.

I've got a 2010 Camaro SS A6 with most basic bolt-ons with suspension parts and drag radials. No headers or cam or stall converter though.

My first run in mid April was 12.72 with a 1.89 60'. Runs after that until now have been slowly getting worse and worse and worse. Today I ran a 2.11 60' with a 13.4. I've kept everything the same, tire pressure, burnouts, same drag strip, changed lanes, monitored DA, same weight and fuel amounts etc...etc...I talked to a couple guys there and they thought something was wrong. I haven't thrown a CEL either. I have a custom tune from Jannetty. One guy had mentioned compression loss?

One thing that I did notice happening over the last month or so, is, when I start the car up cold, it does a little bit of a miss/hiccup before it actually runs smooth.
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Joe M 2012 2SS

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Times will be worse now due to density altitude, or DA. I'm sure it was cooler in April when you ran 12.7, so running 13.4 now in much warmer air is quite normal for a naturally aspirated car.

Since you have a tune from Jannetty, I'm assuming you have an SCTX4?, record a cold start and e-mail it to them. Maybe your idle just needs adjusting.

I would also record a pass at the dragstrip and send it to them, e-mail tunes are limited versus dyno tunes because on the dyno, the tuner can see exactly what the car is doing, by sending the recorded data back to them, they can see exactly what the car is doing and then make any necessary adjustments.

I don't use Jannetty, but I use Dynosteve at RDP. I have had to send several passes to him so he can see what is going on to make necessary adjustments to my tune. He always gets it right eventually. But I can't expect him to do it without the recorded data being sent to him. I'm sure Ted's tunes are good as well, but just like Steve, he can only work with the data you give him.

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Check your plugs
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Originally Posted by Dylan1214 View Post
Check your plugs
I had a wire come off during a pass and I thought I broke something. Bad vibration and sounded like shit.
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Vegas Bound
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Replace your battery, seems to be the go to solution around here for everything. And check all your grounds.
Lots of bolt on stuff
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