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Hennessey Tune

Has anyone tried the hennessey tune? You send in you computer (brain) they tune it and send it back for about $500.00. Wondering what power gains you get.

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I know quite a few people here in the area that have the HPE tune and are very happy with it. If you have an Auto I'd inquire about TCM also, otherwise you are good to go. I raced one at the track and he beat me every time.
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I get full dyno tunes from a guy that has been tuning LSx cars since the early 00's for $400, most shops charge between $400 to $550 for a true dyno tune. IMHO $500 for a canned tune is a ripoff. Every car is different, if I was you I would call these guys & get a quote from them, they've already tuned many high HP 5th gens & have a rep that is as good as anyone's.

Dyno Services
Curious to see how much power your ride is putting out? Speed Inc has an in house Dynojet 248x chassis dynamometer. It is used by our staff to perform dyno tuning and professional NMRA racers to fine tune their vehicles.

Ready to have it strapped down on the rollers?
Email: for an appointment.

2 Pulls with Wideband O2 Readings - $90
Dynotime by the hour - $100

Ask about discounted group rates!

PCM Tuning
Over 1,000 GM vehicles have been dynotuned at our facilities. We do everything from a basic tune to change a gear ratio to fine tuning a 1200HP monster with a Big Stuff 3 enginge management unit.

GM Basic Tune
LS2/LS1/LT1 "Basic tune" Includes the following:
-Desired fan activation temp (for low temp t-stats)
-Torque management removal (a must for LSx automatic cars with aftermarket converter)
-Rear O2 sensor codes deleted (for cat-delete cars)
-Speedo calibration (for gear and tire height changes)
-Desired idle speed (for "lopey" cams)
-Skip shift function delete
-Shift points optimized
-Injector size changes
Click for Mail Order Form

GM Full DYNO-tune
-Includes everything in our "Basic tune"
-Complete Air/fuel table optimization for maximum HP
-Complete Timing table optimization for maximum HP
-Includes Dynotime and printouts of dyno runs w/wideband Air/Fuel reading

1996-2004 Base Tune $150.00
2005-2009 Basic Tune $175.00
OBD2 LT1 Full Tune $449.99
1998-2004 Full Tune $499.99
2005-2009 Full Tune $499.99
Full Tune Speed Density $599.99

Tune Update on Dyno $109.99/Hour

Ready to have your PCM Tweaked?

Email: for an appointment.

Speed Inc
803C Albion Ave
Schaumburg, IL 60193

They even have a form on their website that you can fill out to make an appointment & you drive there, get your dyno tune & drive home. No waiting for shipping back & forth, then waiting for them to plug in the canned tune.
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