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thanks everyone
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what are you guys talking about? you are all over the place. double clutching????
there is no practical reason to double clutch a 5th gen. if you think so, do more research.
heel and toe is just to avoid shift locking(my favorite drift entry method). you have to be hauling ass to do it correctly and beneficially.
please don't be practicing on the street. and if you are, thats why it seems so hard for you. go to a track, haul ass into a corner, ill bet youll get it everytime if you know the idea and the purpose.
while braking hard into corner, with clutch in, you simply blurp the throttle. you do not ride the throttle. the rpms will rise back up, and when they peak or start to fall you let out the clutch while still braking. then as you cross into the apex, ease off brake, and ease on the throttle just after passing apex.

depends on the car, but sometimes you can do it backwards(use your toe to blurp throttle)
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Norm Peterson
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Yes, there is a reason, and it's called "being kind to the synchros". The better you match revs inside the tranny, the less work the synchros have to do in "speeding up" all the slower-turning bits from the clutch disc to the countershaft to match what the road speed requires them to be at. And the longer the synchros will live.

You only have to be driving enthusiastically enough to know you want to be in a lower gear going through a turn or as you are slowing down approaching a traffic signal that you can tell is about to go green. It's a mindset about being in the 'right' gear all of the time.

Blipping the throttle with the clutch disengaged is better than not doing anything at all with the throttle, but that's still not likely to get all of the above pieces fully up to speed. A "lazy man's double-clutch" is the way I see that, kind of halfway there.

I've been double-clutching on the street since the early 1970's - which predates drifting as it is now known by 15 years or so - and all of my cars since then have been manual tranny cars. I use the technique at least 4 times on my 5 mile drive to work (9 today, now that I stop and count). So I do have some basis for opinion here. No, I have never worn stringback gloves or a tweed cap.

Yes, it's certainly possible to use your toe on either the brake or the throttle and vice-versa for your heel. Call it an individual person and individual car model thing as to which way might work better.

Occasionally, there's even reason to double-clutch an upshift in a fully-synchronized transmission. Think really cold weather when the gear oil is thick enough to slow down the countershaft faster than you can get the next higher gear engaged or you don't run the lower gear up quite far enough (mostly this will happen with the 1-2 upshift). Again, this is a matter of being kind to the mechanical bits.

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Are there any other alternatives besides heel toeing into 2nd going into turns? Anybody?
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