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Drives: Camaro 2SS RS CGM
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Speed Warning and Bluetooth phone in United Arab Emirates!

Hi all...picked up my 2SSRS a few weeks ago, and I have to say...I'm chuffed to bits with it

However, two small things are niggling...

1. I live in Abu Dhabi, and over here all cars have a legally compulsory speed warning when you exceed 120kph. In the Camaro it plays a fairly quiet single bong...which is fine...but it then blanks out the driver information display with a message that you're over the limit...and then stays there until you drop back down under 120 again! So when I'm cruising along one of the many roads where there aren't any cameras or police, I can't see any driver information. Irritating! Anyone know what device I need which can program the car not to do this?

**By the way, please don't confuse this with the driver programmable overspeed warning...this is something else that the govt over here insist on and can't be disabled using the stalk controls!**

2. The US Camaros have Bluetooth phone support built in to the OnStar unit...which isn't included over here because OnStar is a US service. However, I really want to have bluetooth phone support, and proper OEM functionality within the car (i.e. steering wheel controls and displays all integrated). So the question is, if I buy an OnStar unit with the bluetooth option (seen them on EBay!), are the plugs etc that I need fitted to all cars as part of the standard wiring (so I can just plug and play)?

The most irritating aspect of this is that the car stereo has Bluetooth built into it to connect BT media players and the like...but it doesn't support hands free phone connections! So I guess a software flash to the stereo, if such a thing existed, would allow it to support blue tooth phones quite easily...but I'm guessing GM probably aren't doing anything about this!

Cheers all,

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