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Old 10-18-2018, 04:21 PM   #85
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Drives: 2014 1SS 1LE Red Hot Camaro
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33,333 smiles on my 1SS 1LE as if this week.
I have only put 12000 of those in 10 months
A new to me 2014 1SS 1LE in Red Hot.
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Drives: 2SS\RS 1LE
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36,320 on my 2SS, and loving every bit of it!
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Drives: 2014 Camaro 1LE
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40300 on my 2014 2SS. No problems
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Drives: 2013 Camaro 1SS 1LE
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Just tripped 18k this week on my ‘13. I need to get out more.
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Drives: 2015 1LE, 1997 Camaro SS
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About to hit 65k!
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Drives: 2014 Camaro 2SS/RS 1LE NPP RECARO's
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Z/28 CAI, BW PTB, ARH S, JBA HFC, EE CC, XPEL, 3M Ceramic tint 55%F, 5%R, BlackVue DC, Escort Passport.

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Drives: 2013 camaro 1le
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2013 mine has 5,990 miles about 1000 miles per year ......... I was considering trading it in for a 2018 zl1 but trade in value is only about $22,000 . To me it's worth keeping if I only can get 22k
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Originally Posted by h018871 View Post
OP, you win!
96,000 on mine
But really... Do I? Are you sure I didn't just lose? I can't believe how rare it is to see a 1LE on the road. I've seen more ZL1's than 1LE's in the years I've been driving this car. About a week ago I saw a red 2013 1LE, same as me, approaching in my rear view mirror and it felt like Christmas. Got a thumbs up. Camaro people are the best people.

I was talking with a friend recently and said "Am I going to regret dailying this car in about 20 years when they're all selling for more than what I originally paid for it?" But the amount of fun I've had driving it is worth it. I never intended this car to be preserved in mint condition but I never thought I'd be driving it as much as I do. The original plan was to purchase something like a cheap-o TrailBlazer LT as a daily driver but after the first day behind the wheel of the 1LE, it was all over.

I maintain it like I've never done with any car I've ever owned but a part of me still regrets using it as much as I have. How many sets of tyres and how many oil changes have I done? I haven't the foggiest. Probably more than you. The last set of tyres I ran until one gave out then I limped over to a Discount Tyre to buy a new set. My favourite maintenance part is my K&N cabin air filter. Absolutely unnecessary but... K&N Performance A/C!

What I never expected is how reliable this car has been. I'll attach a photo at the end of this with today's mileage but in all those miles, and after one small accident where an Asian lady smashed up my passenger door, the ONLY thing to every break on my car is the parking brake linkage. That's it. Have any of you been this lucky? Are they all this reliable? I don't make a habit of doing burnouts but I do get on the throttle whenever I'm in the open and I've had it up near the speed limiter a couple times. At its current mileage it'll still go WOT without any complaints whatsoever. This amazes me. Imagine owning any Chevrolet from the 1990s with damn near 200k miles on it and trying to go WOT. The car may move but the engine would stay put.

Oh yeah, one cool little note about the repair on my car. I asked the guy at the body shop what the core charge is on the wheels because the lady who hit me nicked one of them and a replacement was in the repair estimate. I never would have guessed in a million years. $75.00. I have a spare rear wheel that I paid $75.00 for. You believe that? I should get in more accidents!!

Going to attach photos of current odometer and before/after the passenger door smashup.

I love this car.
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Drives: 2013 1LE/SS
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Just rolled 63,000 on my 2013 1LE. Thinking about getting rid of it for a bigger familymobile. What’s a good selling price for bolt on 2013 2SS/1LE private sale.
Current mods: Stainless Power Long Tube Headers,Cat Delete,CAI Cold Air Intake,Vitesse throttle controller, Muffler/Resonator Delete w/dual tips. ADM Performance Tuned,BMR 1.25 lowering springs,R1 Concept Slotted/Dimpled Rotors.
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