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Chevrolet Customer Svc

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Hello Kessler!

So happy to hear the dealership could help you out! Hope you enjoyed your book. Please let us know if you need any further assistance!

Chevrolet Customer Care

Originally Posted by Kessler View Post
I just had mine done. I took a book to the dealer. Sat in air conditioning while they changed oil, reset oil meter, checked other fluids, topped of my wiper fluid, checked air in tires, rotated tires, and checked for any other problems that might be out of my mind.

Cost? Nothing, just the gas and time to get me there and back home. Even took me towards end of shift cause I could not make the morning appointment they gave.

Was worth it for me to stay clean and not have to look of where to dispose of the used stuff.

But, when I was younger, hot oil dripping down my arm was a badge of honor.. ;-)
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Changed mine at 5,000 and used Mobil 1.
When you refill poor slowly; it has a tendency to run out if done to quickly through that little fill spout they have.

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The oil should flow in well enough, just have to be careful not to completely cover the fill hole in oil (nowhere for the air to go at that point, and it bubbles up making a mess). I use a funnel with a smallish neck that fits down in the fill tube, and makes it much easier to see what I'm doing and help prevent that issue.
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Henry G.
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Depends on the stealership and how many miles you drive.
I have a good place that changes my oil and filter, vacuums the car, checks the tranny, diff, tires and cleans the windows, while I watch. They then show my the oil level after, and I can see them put in the good oil I paid for. I'm outta there in 15 minutes TOPS for $70 Mobil One oil change 6 quarts.
That said, the service advisors at my dealership know less about my car than a 6 year old child. It takes me 15-30 minutes just to get my car checked in there. They are total ass clowns. They touched my car once and that was the last time, unless I have a warranty claim. Idiots.
From my cold dead hands......
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Thanks for the tips guys, lots of good reading in here. I'm at 2,000km on my 2013 1LT so I think I'll go to the dealership for the first change and see what the experience is like.
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