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Drives: 2013 camaro ss
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Belt slippage.

Hello, I have a 2013 camaro ss with a Whipple with a 3.875 pulley. Also spraying methanol.
Bought Whipple last February and it has around 5000 miles on it.
Having a lot of belt slippage and it's driving me nuts
When I get on it I can hit 11 psi but then my boost starts bouncing between 6 to 11 psi. And if I stay in it you can smell the belt. And when I check under hood there is a lot of belt dust.

Anyway I have contacted Whipple and they have had me do a vac check on my by-pass, also to check all my pulleys.
I have replaced every pulley with any wobble or play in it, (2 idler pulleys and the alternator pulley)replaced my belt tensioner, replaced blower pulley with a griptec.
Last week Redline had a mobile dyno at the track and I put my car on it. Did 2 pulls.
1st pull it made 611 and you could see a little belt smoke,
2nd pull it only made 521 and it smoked my belt, had to put spare on so I could drive home...
Have talked to local shop and they said I need to get rid of my 6 rib and goto a 10 rib.
I plan on doing that later but my concern is that last year I had zero belt slippage issues and then when I got car out of winter storage I had it.
Had clicking noise but it went away when I replaced belt tensioner, don't hear any grinding or squealing nosie out of supercharger at ideal.

I have asked Whipple if I should send blower unit in?
Also is it normal that when you take blower coolant cap off (when it's cold) it sounds like it's under vacuum and then the coolant tanks fills back up?
Thank you for any help.
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Drives: 2014 1SS/1LE
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I was impressed at how tight I had to have the adjustable idler pulley to get it to stop slipping. I also ended up with a much shorter belt when I went from a 4.00 to 3.75 pulley.

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As LarryG pointed out, the adjustable idlers play a significant role in belt slip, as does the correct length belt. I am running a 3.625" Grip-Tec 6-rib pulley and I do not exhibit any signs of belt slip.

To get my belt on, I have to move the adjustable idlers to their outermost position, and then put the belt over the blower pulley. It is tight and requires some physical effort to get it over the pulley. Once it is on, then I move the adjustable idlers as far inboard as they will go, while holding off the tensioner, and tighten them down.

I'm pulling right around 11psi with my setup as well.

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Old 06-20-2021, 05:32 PM   #4
Drives: 2013 camaro ss
Join Date: Nov 2018
Location: il
Posts: 44
I have not tried moving the adjustable idler pulleys yet. Just picked up a size smaller belt k060919.
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Drives: 2012 Callaway Camaro
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I have a Magnuson TVS 2300 and I know my setup is totally different, different Supercharger, different pully size. (mine is 3.5), but I maxed out at 8.5 psi before my belt started to slip. I am converting mine to an 8 rib, and putting a larger puller on the bottom so I can get more boost out of the same size pulley. going to a wider belt is going to help for sure. I would be surprised if you could go any higher than where you are at on the 6 rib system. Also, think about getting an upper pulley like the griptec, it will slip less since its not smooth.

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Drives: 2011 Camaro 2SS LS3 Whipple
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No belt slipping here. One thing I did notice, new belt is a bitch to get on. but after it's on and you run it for a little bit it loosened up a lot. When first put on I had the adjustable Idlers all the way loose and couldn't slide them to get tighter. after a couple hundred miles of pretty normal driving I went to retighten, then both of the idlers I could slide all the way tight pretty easily. I actually am running the same length belt I was running on my 3.875, now am 3.75. We thought I might need to go shorter, but so far no slipping. The adjustable idlers are key here there is a lot of adjustment with them. The intercooler reservoir on mine sucks down when running and when I loosen the cap the level pops up to the fill line as well.
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