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Haters gonna hate.

I live in Phoenix, enough said. The top would have been down for me today. March/April can't come soon enough!
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As long as it doesnt come with Z28 on it, I think its a home run.

Will we ever see a Synergy Green Convert though?
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Number 3
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Like I tried to say in our trip thread..........if you like convertibles and you like Camaros you'll love the Camaro convertible.

There is no convincing anyone who doesn't like convertibles to like this.

"It looks bad with the top up" - of course it does. You'll never get the lines even in a hardtop convertible. I'll say it here - no convertible looks as good as the coupe WITH THE TOP UP. JMO

I'll recap our trip from Thanksgiving - "there isn't anything that comes close to driving this car on a warm night with the top down, your significant other in the passenger seat and some nice music on the radio". This car was so fun I rarely implimented the L99. Could have easily been an LT.

If convertibles were that great, they wouldn't come in coupes. So all you guys that keep wanting to say you hate it and it's not for are right. That is why there is also a coupe. For some the trade offs to have an easily removable top are worth the experience of open air motoring. For others it isn't.

No one is trying to convince you "haters" that this car is better than your coupe. It's just a different flavor of an excellent car.

Now here is what I don't you "haters" at least understand why we like convertibles so much?

And they aren't "for women" by the way. They are simply for folks that love open air motoring. It's why we have a Sky Redline in the garage. It's just that enjoyable to drive with the top down. The top in Sky is rarely up.
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"Our early build tester arrived during what's been called the "storm of the decade" for Los Angeles and, naturally, the roof leaked in two places along the windshield header. As if that wasn't enough, the rear window decided to dislodge itself from the soft top. Is this really the same top supplier that builds the Corvette Convertible's roof?"

I hope the roof leaked only because it was a pre-production model. Even after 21 years, our Miata never leaks! ...and it's the original roof.
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Originally Posted by PeeBee View Post
I disagree with them... I think the Coupe looks better
Absolutely. I actually laughed out loud when I read the part about how it looks so much better, and specifically how the roof looks better. I am on the other side of the country from my '10 SS but before I left my house I just stood in my garage staring at my car. The rear quarter view with the flared quarter panels, and the way the roof comes down, the quarter windows, the double-bubble roof (yay no sunroof) and even the trunk line are all striking. The convertible takes all of that away.

Still, I can't wait to rent one next time I go back home to Hilo! Wonder when/if they will hit the rental car circuit at least in small batches. I used to rent Camaros every time going home..

I saw a V6 Camaro that looked like my SS bombing down the 495 in the snow and ice on the way into Manhattan last week and I almost asked the taxi driver to try to follow the car...

EDIT: Crap, I just read some of the other posts and realize that by not saying "OMG IT'S SOFA KING OSSUM" I will be categorized as a convertible hater. I am definitely not, and I cannot wait to drive both the V6 and SS models. I just don't think it looks better than the Coupe is all. My car before the SS was an '02 Toyota MR2 Spyder.
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Yeah, I get it. Some don't like convertibles. That's just fine. I own a coupe, last Camaro was a convertible.

I like them both. If you haven't driven any great amount of time in a 'vert, then i really don't get your constant slamming of a convertible.

You like racing or autocrossing , well, just ducky. It doesn't make you any better than anyone who isn't into it.

The Camaro is a mass marketed automobile. We have economy oriented models, we have performance oriented models, we will soon have open air cars, and a much higher performance model. Something for everyone, something for a broad range of tastes, and a damn good looking car, where ever you are in this market.

The MT article is pretty damn complimentary. It will help boost sales.

Haven't seen much in the way of why so many get so damn upset about this next step in the life stream of the Camaro.

Keep improving the Car GM. keep building in the quality Oshawa Team!

I have mine, I love the Car! I love the performance! It is pretty much, the fulfillment of what I dreamed of when I was kid!
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Originally Posted by LAWMAN View Post
nice,good looking car,im sure they will sell like hot cakes (as the saying goes)i plan to get the tower brace for my coupe,but not available yet

You can get it now.
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Just not a big fan of this vert, I'll stick with my coupe.
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I still think the XM antenna looks horrible there.
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This article is a great distraction while I wait for mine.

My convertible is in the queue waiting to be built. Status 3400
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Sweet Z
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Where does the supercharger go???
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Where's the T-tops?
On June 28, 1966, General Motors' General Manager Pete Estes claimed the name, "suggests the comradeship of good friends as a personal car should be to its owner" and that "to us, the name means just what we think the car will do... Go!" The new Camaro name was then unveiled.

The Press asked Chevrolet product managers,

"What is a Camaro?" and were told it was "a small, vicious animal that EATS Mustangs."
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Amazing how the color of a car can change the body lines so dramatically. This Fire Red car looks 10 times better than the lazar red (metallic cinnamon) car by a long shot And I liked that one the first time i saw it as well.

Top down...full spped...half speed, I still like it. It's gonna look BAD with a cage...And mean in a GOOD way
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Originally Posted by Drago77 View Post
Id like to take this time to personally thank the 217,374 people who have posted at various times the simplistic comment "I don't like it." Because, it wasn't until that last 217,374th time I read it, that that incredible, bullet proof arguement convinced me that after waiting 9 yrs to purchase a Camaro convertible I was inevitably wrong! I mean, who can argue with that? "I don't like it"- brilliant, genius!!!!!!

Oops, dealer says its too late, mines being built next week... too bad for me... "I don't like it"... brilliant!!!!!

Please ppl- just cuz you don't, others do. Redundant comments make it a pain to browse the forums....
So, are you saying opinions only count if you like the vehicle? Perhaps, some of the feedback will make it a better vehicle for all you vert lovers.
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