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American-European Cars

For some reason, I'm on a roll today, and I just thought will there ever be a car like the C4 Corvette ZR-1 or Buick Regal GNX that was American made, with the help of Europe? Lotus helped out Corvette and McLaren helped out Buick, and both of those cars have literally unbelievable performance, why not again? The ZR-1 holds a lot of records that still stand today, and the Buick GNX is a pure sleeper. I don't car what you're driving in, you're going to get beat by a GNX every time. If there was another Ameripean car, it would be stellar no doubt.
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Honestly, I'd love to see more American-European interaction. I like that GM has Saab under its brand name, but I think that a company with the name General Motors should be as egalitarian as possible by taking stakes in the top of the exotic brands, including the likes of Ferrari. That sort of investment would pay off in the performance arena, although I'm sure that the likes of Pelosi would make a religion of bringing down such ambition.
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Apologize if this doubleposted.

I thought most of America's lineup now was coproduced overseas. At minimum, there is engineering input from Europe or Australia.

As far as investing in European companies, Ford and GM went nuts doing that in the 90s and now they are running as fast as they can from it.

Ford is just inking the deal to sell Land Rover and Jaguar. There attempts to buy into Ferrari were pretty legendary. Ferrari rebuffed them like crazy. I know GM has stake in Lotus and Saab.
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