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Question 2010 Camaro SS problems

Hi Guys

I have owned this car for only a couple of weeks.Have any of you experienced any symptom like a stickey gas pedal.
At times when I accerliate it apears like the gas pedal sticks at times and the cat jumps ahead not a smooth effect when accellering which i'm used to with my other vehicles.Not good because I am a little scared this thing is going to ger worst and jump into someones rear end. This wouldn't be a transmisson problem would it or is this just the nature of the beast with this this much HP.
Any help would be appreciated
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I've had mine for 8 months and can't say I've experienced a stickey gas pedal. I'd make an appointment with your service department and get it looked at though - that's what warranties are for. Good Luck.
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Maybe your dealer put a Camaro's skin on a Camry or some other Toyoda POS.

I'd pull off the sheet metal and look.
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Remove the floor mats...


See the dealer A.S.A.P.!
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Is it a V8 auto? If so it might just be a little lag between when it's switching from 4cyl mode to 8cyls. I've heard there can at times be a small delay especially when the transmission is poking around for the right gear at the same time.

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Try pushing the pedal with your fingers with the engine (and key) off. How does it feel, smooth or sticky? I have no issues with mine and I haven't seen anybody else complaining. Good luck, get it checked out.
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Originally Posted by PAUL SS View Post
Try pushing the pedal with your fingers with the engine (and key) off. How does it feel, smooth or sticky? I have no issues with mine and I haven't seen anybody else complaining. Good luck, get it checked out.

If you notice nothing sticking during that test, then check for rubbing or scuff marks on the plastic panel in the foot well. Your shoe may be catching slightly on this and giving the impression of a sticky pedal. (It happened to me a few times, I'm used to trucks.)

Keep us updated.
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My pedal movement and throttle response is very smooth and moreso than I expected from a drive by wire system.
If it is anything like my Solstice they actually program a curve into the throttle response. When you go WOT it doesn't jump from nothing to 100% throttle, it rides up a curve.
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Okay - straight and simple - GO SEE THE DEALER!!!!


Most, it not all, modern cars use a ETC (Electronic Throttle Controller), rather than a cable. So the gas pedal is no longer hooked directly to the throttle body but rather to electronics which relay information to the computer which then relays information to the throttle motor. There are pros and cons to this method. The largest problem with this method is delay - while the computers are quick you still have a delay when you floor the pedal, from the time you mash to the time it opens the throttle up - not to mention the motor time to turn the valve - hence why someone said it doesn't go from 0 to 100% instantly. Of course if something messes up with the computer it could not relay the close/open and you can either go WOT without wanting to or never accelerate when you want to. Though this does not often happen, it can.

The pro to this is the throttle pedal is much more smooth and you don't have to deal with the hassle of when the throttle body wears down and it creates a tough point to push the pedal through. (This is typically on older cars, happened on my 89 and 93.

So - then to answer your question - what can make the pedal seem to "stick" - nothing. It is on a pivot joint, the pedal moves down and up without any effort. It does have a small bring to make sure it comes back up, but that is about it. There is nothing that should ever make the pedal seem to stick or seem stiff. If there is - check floor mats, which I am sure you have. Make sure a corner of the carpet didn't come out from under the dash. Take a look under the pedal, if nothing is restricting then you definitely 100% need to take it to the dealer before something does happen.

I have had my car for a little over a year now, 10000 miles on it, no issues with the gas pedal whatsoever, it is all fluid motion and easy.
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I experienced something similar the first couple weeks with my SS. The problem wasn't that the throttle was sticky, I just had way too much power than I was used to coupled with the fact the peddle placement wasn't where I was expecting. I would give a week or two so adjust to the car.
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