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3.6 rebuild experience needed!

Hi all!
So my son's 2010 LLT developed a knock and he lost oil pressure and some power last fall. He was smart enough to turn it off and get it back home without any further damage. Given the price of a replacement engine, I decided to tear it down see how bad the damage was. Surprisingly, I found one of the oil sprayers had come loose in the bottom end and was rattling around, and the #2 connecting rod bearing had spun. There appeared to be no damage to the top end or the cylinder walls. The crank machined fine and I am installing .020 over bearings on the mains and the connecting rods (replacing the #2 connecting rod), as well replacing the oil pump, water pump, and timing chains/tensioners while I have it apart.
As I was tearing it down, it became apparent that someone has been inside the motor before. as I was about to reinstall the pistons today, I noticed that the #5 and #6 pistons didn't look right... At first I thought the machine shop had screwed them up, and then I checked the photos of the tear down I did... They had been reversed (#5 in #6 and vice versa) before. I just wanted to check that this is NOT correct and are there any issues to putting them back correctly? Pic shows the #6 piston. Thx! Hondo
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