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Dash \ Bezel Gap *fixed*

I know this is a problem with many camaros and to this day I haven't seen anyone actually fix it. So I got to work and determined the cause ....and then a simple fix. Merry Christmas from gen5concepts!
Many of you will notice a small gap in the dash to bezel on the upper driver hand side..this gap either gets worse or is only noticed once the bezel has been removed. Many of you who havnt noticed will find you actually do have the gap if you go look..even if it has never been removed.

The cause: the tabs holding the bezel on the driver side are molded at a severe angle compared passenger side. This prevents them from "locking into place" once the bezel is installed. Personally I think this could be resolved with a 3d printed part..but I don't have a printer.

The fix : simply drill a SMALL hole on the upper most seen in the pictures below. Use the smallest screw you can find as you don't want to crack or break the tab. Install screw till the head is only 1-2mm out from the tab. Start with it in further in and work your way out during fitment test...not the other way around. You will find this will allow you to snap the bezel on firmly and no longer have any gap! The bezel will still be removable and this mod is completely reversible so no harm no foul. Go give it a try! Please see pics below.
Merry Christmas from Gen5concepts!
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