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HELP! Urgent spring question for 2013 2LT (V6) convertible

Has anyone installed the Hotchkis 19116 spring on a 2013 V6 convertible yet? A reputable performance shop in our area installed them on my 2LT RS today and there was a noise issue (very audible thud) everytime the steering wheel was turned. The shop suspects that the coil may not be sitting flat on the rest of the suspension components (see below) They timed the bushings and as stated, are a very reputable shop. I decided to leave my vehicle at the shop till this issue gets settled and we both intend to contact the manufacturers tomorrow.

While the shop sells Hotchkis components, my service rep informed me that in their experience, Eibach seemed to be ahead of the curve with suspension changes to 5th gen Camaros. They had some Eibach ProKit springs for the V6 and V8 5th gen Camaro in stock and we compared them with the factory springs that were removed. The V6 Eibach front spring looked much more similar to the factory one (flatter at top) whereas the V8 Eibach front spring, I'm told, looks a lot like the Hotchkis 19116 they installed. My Hotchkis box is clearly marked "19116 Spring Set 2011+ Camaro SS". Hotchkis advertises this model spring for convertibles but claims they fit BOTH V6 and V8 models. If this is true, why were the Eibach V6 and V8 springs different from one another? I understand Eibach was one of few suspension mfg who has brought out a new spring for 2012 and later models. However, on their website, the 2012 and later models don't specify if they are suitable for the slightly heavier convertibles. In other words, does Eibach even make a spring for the 2013 2LT vert????

I left my car in the shop until we can figure out the proper fitment for my vehicle. My inclination is to return the Hotchkis spring and I'd like to go with the ProKit but I don't even know if Eibach makes a suitable spring for my car. If all else fails, it's back to factory springs and possibly coilovers next year.

Anyone with knowledge and experience with the 2013 2LT vert and either Hotchkis or Eibach ProKit springs out there? HELP!!! Thanks.
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Pretty sure the springs work on both V8 and V6. I dont think there different. I thibk if you do more searching theres v6 guys who put v8 springs on their cars. I have the eibach kit with sway bars and love it!

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Drives: '13 2LT RS Convertible - AGM
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You're running Eibachs so I'm assuming you don't mean the Hotchkis fit both the V6 and V8, correct? What Eibach spring model are you running?
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Hotchkis is a highly reputable company that makes excellent quality components. When something like this occurs it is more likely to be an installation error than a manufacturing issue.

Both the front and rear struts are assembled off the car. When bolted up, it should be very clear that the coils are correctly seated or incorrectly seated. It should also be clear that there is sufficient trap with the coil, enough pressure between the top and bottom spring seats to hold the coils in place when the car is lifted off the ground. There is little room for guess work at this stage of assembly.

The spring seats for all 5th Gen model years are the same for all models.

There has been some variation in the length of the rear struts that caused fitment issues for some coil manufacturers creating insufficient trap resulting ion coils falling out of the spring perch when lifted. As I wrote earlier in this post, that should have been checked before the strut assembly was installed in the car.

Before you jump through too many hoops, take it back to the should and have it inspected. I am not aware of a single fitment issue with front coils from Hotchkis. There have been front and rear issues from a couple of other brands, but none I am aware of with Hotchkis. Given the amount of time I spend on this forum and the questions I get asked I see no reason to think there is a coil problem. Go back to the shop and ask them to pull the front struts so the assembly can be inspected. Confirm the assembly is correct and that trap is adequate before you bolt the struts back in.
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