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Dealer Inspections: What do they do, and what do they fix? Horror Story

I'm curious: Once a new car arrives at the dealer, what do they do to finish the car? And when they inspect it, what can they fix? Do they ever return a car to the factory?

In 1991 I ordered a brand new black Trans-Am. When it arrived I was in LOVE with the car. I thought the car was perfect, but the sales person noticed something strange. The paint seemed to have flecks of dust in it.

Before I took the car off the lot they offered to remove the dust. No problem I said!

So what did they do? This IDIOT attacks the nose of the car with a buffer. He then did the hood and a few other parts and then said "Nope! Sorry! Can't fix it".

The car now looked like SHIT. It was full of swirl marks, and any shine it had was gone. The salesman and now the owner, are grinning like idiots expecting me to drive it away. They then even tried to charge me $300 for the "work" that their dufus spent 15 minutes doing. They then tried to tell me that the specks in the paint were "normal".

Like an idiot, I took the car anyway and took it to a detailing place who re polished the car, removed the swirl marks, and did the best he could to remove the dust. It took him 5 hours and cost me $300.00. (Compared to the $300 for 15 minutes from the dealer). He told me that obivously there was dust in the air when they painted the car and that normally it would have never left the factory.

Anyway I brought the bill to the dealer and demanded my $300 back, + $300 for the REAL buffing. They gave me a hard time but I got it in the end.

Too bad. Getting a new car is always a happy experience but this was a disaster.

And by the way, that dealer closed 1 year later. No surprise at all. Dickheads.
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That thread was pretty insightful for me. Also look in the thread that talks about cosmetic issues and why you should claybar your car when you get it. There was one thread last week that discussed the PDI (pre delivery inspections) that the dealer performs on your car. It discussed your options if the car does not meet your approval.
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