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Something new, kinda

Just had my dads Toyota inspected as he just moved here from out of state. Inspector mentioned the plastic cover around the back plate from the dealer is now not allowed since no part of the plate can be covered in Texas as of fairly recently.

I hadn't heard of this and i've got one on my Camaro from the dealer too. He said the locals don't really know about it yet but DPS will use it as a reason to stop you. Seems stupid and I can't think of a good reason for Texas to do this other than idiocracy at work.

So just FYI guys.
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The license plate frame is ok so long as it does not
alters or obscures one-half or more of the name of the state in which the vehicle is registered; or
(C) alters or obscures the letters or numbers of the license plate number or the color of the plate.
Also the covers designed to protect or keep the plate clean must not blur the numbers. Any smoked versions will not work. And probably a lot of clear ones too.
I have one on the rear of my pickup.
Also any type of flipper is highly illegal.
And what I really hate is that we are a 2 plate state.
Plus I have one of those nice black billet ones on the rear of my Camaro that covers the words The Lone Star State.
Most inspection places don't care as far as I have seen.
Probably not worth risking getting pulled over for.
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This law was changed back about 2003 or so, I remember working with people who got pulled over by chickensh#t local cops by where we worked and getting tickets when the new law took effect. Although I haven't known anyone to get pulled over for that in years.
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Take it off. Don't give them a reason to pull you over. You don't want the headache. Trust me!!!!
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The real reason was the plastic covers over the complete plate that obscured the plate from being read by cameras (red-light traffic cams, toll cams, etc). Since it just stated "covers the plate", over zealous LEOs took it upon themselves to interpret as restrictively as possible, and used it for a reason to stop.
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