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Camaro ZL1 Concept has PTM!

I thought the Camaro ZL1 enthusiasts might like to know that during the Road & Track photo shoot of the ZL1 concept during the week following the cars unveiling at the Chicago Auto Show it was discovered that PTM was in fact functioning on the show car.

Not much here I wrote about that you probably don't already know.

But if you look at the photos you'll see this.

And this...

Note that PTM was enable up to a setting of 5 in the second photo. The system was activated just as we thought. Traction control to comp mode and then the +/- buttons to adjust. Although this was a running car we were not permitted to drive it in such a way as to test any of these functions. It is believed that these systems are in development and their complete functionality will be revealed towards the end of the year, but nobody at GM has confirmed this. I think they'd be foolish not to include it though.

Having experienced a Corvette ZR1 with and without PTM, I sincerely hope that PTM is included at the launch of the ZL1.

I have a feeling most people don't understand what PTM can do. In it's most aggressive setting on the ZR1 it disables stability and conventional traction control. looking at the cars yaw rate, steering input and throttle application it will determine the maximum amount of HP the rear wheels can accept and try to not let you exceed that with only engine management. in a perfect world the system will provide the maximum acceleration out of a corner with your foot to the floor. As you unwind the steering wheel the system will feed in more power. HOWEVER, if something's not cold tires, slippery spot on the road... the system will allow you to slide off into the weeds. It's like the traction control systems used on race cars. It's there to help you go faster, not hinder you. And it's pretty stinking cool to lay into the throttle of a ZR1 Corvette and hear it sputter and pop angrily as you hit the apex of a corner. The sounds it makes as it modulates torque output through the corner exit are pure racing car. As you unwind the wheel onto the straight it lets the engine go completely and it feels as if Ron Fellows just showed you how to drive.

Shaun Bailey
Associate Engineering Editor
Road & Track

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Wow, very cool. And thanks for coming and taking the time to let us know about that!
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Thank you Mr. Bailey.
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Mr Twisty

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Blue Menace
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Great info! My curiosity lies in understanding how much of a difference in feel there is between that "most aggressive setting" and it's extreme. Does it feel any different than what's on the SS as far as nannies on and then off?
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WOW...Great 1st Post!!!

Welcome to the site...

Great info..Thanks for sharing...

ps. If you can post any other pics or info,
Please post more.
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Thank you very much for the great pictures and information into PTM and welcome to Camaro5. Any other insights into the ZL1 that you can share with us?
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Thumbs up

That's awesome news and will make the car even more potent.

I like this part...Oh yeah.

As for launch control, we can expect the ZL1 to have it, and maybe the Performance Traction Management from the Corvette ZR1. This might alter bracket racing forever, with repeated sub-12-second quarter mile passes a real possibility.
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Hmmm..........sounds really familiar............
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Mr. Wyndham
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Thanks for sharing!

If this does make production, it'll help the King of Camaros be the smartest, most capable pony car on the market!
"Keep the faith." - Fbodfather
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Moscow = credit for the layup Shaun = credit for assist

Originally Posted by LostInMoscow View Post
Hmmm..........sounds really familiar............
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great to know. and as for base on this car it will definetely not be under $50k with things like PTM. either way it is something a car with this much power should have. nothing like having 550+ HP that is unusable alot of times, just ask the GT500!
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..who's R Fellows?
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Ron Fellows? I would assume (even though we know what assuming does):
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ptm, shaun bailey,, zl1, zr1

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