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Originally Posted by BlueTek View Post
Still trying to figure out what this means? Don't know where the internet comes into play here, we were on a 1/4 mile track with real cars, lol
Time slips from the races would be nice. Then we could see a break down of
60' times etc. That way we can see if its just an issue with launching skills or if its a top end (trap speed issue) etc.
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How U Doin?
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Originally Posted by PorscheNss View Post
Funny how this clown car takes out my wife's 500rwhp f/i SS like it's a stock civic. At least be able to BEAT a mustang if you're going to call yourself a stang killer. Must be embarrassing when those termis and/or 5.0s come along and smoke you huh? On a side note are you like 18? I don't think any person over the age of 25 would think of themselves as a killer or anything but that's just me I guess.
First off I was out of line for taking a shot at your wheels. If that's what you like and that's how you want to spend your money then more power to you. Secondly, I'm old enough to know I don't have to prove that I'm faster than someone else just to make me sleep better at night. I'm not that insecure and I don't need to brag about my wife's this or my wife's that. Grow up. I'm also old enough to know better than to come to a new forum and start insulting members on your first day. You seem to be the one who acts like they're between the age of 18-25. I'm done here.

On a side note, if I were to race a Terminator and get smoked I wouldn't feel embarrassed at all. Those were some bad ass cars and as you should know, there is no such thing as a stock terminator.
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The reason I talk about my wife's car is because it's an SS and this is a camaro forums. I've seen how you guys react to talk about any other car. If you want to know about my car just ask, but know it's faster than a f/i SS and it's getting faster by the day. I got a "suicide' tune, as I call it, for when I race highly modded cars. I crank up the psi to dangerous levels but the work I have done keeps it in tact. The clowncar is a beast, and will pull hard on anything. Most people laugh and think I spent all my money on my silly rims and looks, but when all they see is my license plate dissapearing they jaw drop.
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Bob Cosby
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The second half of this thread makes me embarrased to have my name associated with Mustangs.
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