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Originally Posted by deano1989 View Post
We have that problem here in Central Indiana with Cummins diesels. I've seen hilljacks in their trucks try to race and/or black out people with smoke. It's a toss up between diesels and Honda Civics who act like they have something to prove on the road.
That smoke thing really pisses me off! If your windows are open...Gah!!!!
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I live in a small shit town of ricers in civics, sti's, and guys who think a V6 is a V8 lol (not to sham a V6 because thays how I started to learn tracking than upgraded to V8 but I never had the mentality that my V6 camaro was a ZL1 lol) and my town is also full of coal roallers in untuned, improperly lifted diesels. Its a shitty red neck town. Those are the guys that give the most problems. I either ignore or still pass them driving normally because most can't drive for shit lol. Most of the V8 mucle car guys don't bother each other on the highway. Normally even mustang owners or mopar owners wave back or give a friendly salute back to me when I wave.

The only exception I have is one night I was driving home from work and a guy in a black dodge charger 392 was being a Jack wagon. On a side note I've seen him driving before and he's constantly reving his engine At lights or at other camaros, challangers, chargers and mustangs even if they are V6. Constantly taking right turns in the middle of intersections , draging at green lights, leans back and glares at people because he thinks he's the best thing since sliced bread. Yes he's the guy that gives responsible muscle car owners a bad name. Back to my story, i was driving home, minding my business going the 55mph limit on my local highway and passed him going below. Apparently he didn't like that, as soon as I passed him (at the legal limit) he began following my ass by a mere hair, cutting back and forth between other vehicles in the lanes until he came beside me sticking nose to nose trying to get me to race him as he pulled ahead of me and rejoined me several times as to not give satisfaction or possibly receive a ticket (it being night and unable to identify highway patrols and just being responsible and not on the track) as I ignore him.apparently this makes him.mad as he peels away yet again just to slow down nose to nose with me, this time rolling down his window, honking his horn yelling at me to race. Casual jackass. Continued to ignore and took my exit while he screamed profanity lol. Can't wait until he gets caught and gets a nice ticket !
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