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Originally Posted by MIT'13 View Post
Sure it said "Vs." but other than where the author commented about the Camaro's suspension was more comfortable, there was no face to face comparison. It says in the article that the GT500 is faster as it should be for a car with 100 more HP and the same weight. No one who knows anything about cars or physics in general would have expected the Camaro to go faster. If the outcome is already known, how can you make these two cars compete?
Originally Posted by John Shields View Post
How? To once again make the Mustang look better. There is no comparing these two models... but they do it to show how great the "Mustang" is... doesn't matter what trim/model. As I said I have yet to see a decent and fair review of both cars. This review/comparison/etc eve has a graph lining up their numbers. This was a botch of an article and should be put in the versus graveyard with all of those other useless posts. Maybe one day someone will do a REAL comparison.
Jeez, a little sensitive today? The point of this article wasn't to compare the cars, or say that one was better than the other (it never actually made any conclusions like that). I'm thinking it was just an excuse to take two high power muscle cars on a long road trip to a place where both could be maxed out. Sure, even without doing it, it's obvious that a 550hp car will be faster than a 426hp car...but then where's the fun?
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Florida C5
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Excellent read.

Can anyone say ROAD TRIP?
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Originally Posted by d69chris View Post
Excellent read.

Can anyone say ROAD TRIP? soon as I can afford my Camaro
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one wheelin
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why didnt they do just the new 5.0 gt vs the camaro ss. its fair that way
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Originally Posted by elcapitan1110 View Post
This makes me wonder how a regular GT would perform compared to the shelby... although I think the Camaro would win. Theoretically, higher horsepower means higher top speed, am I right?
Not necessarily. To know for sure which vehicle will have a higher top speed, you have to know not only how much power is going to the wheels, but also what the differences in drag coefficient and reference area are.

Small differences in drag coefficient and reference area can mean big differences in top speed due to the fact that drag is a function drag coefficient, reference area and of velocity squared. That is, every time you double your velocity, your drag increases by a factor of 4.

Top speed falls out pretty easily from: Top speed = cube root ( 2 *RWHP / A * rho * Cd)


A = reference area
rho = air density
Cd = drag coefficient

If you can find A and Cd which auto manufacturers are not always forthcoming about.

Which is probably more than anybody wanted to know anyway...
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I really enjoyed this article

Main thing is that the writers were having fun and aknowledged the differences in the car - but as they said - to have a car in the $30K price bracket doing over 170 and doing it in an unfussed manner with stable handling and great brakes is pretty amazing

Lets just take the article in the spirit in which it was intended - 2 guys taking 2 hot muscle cars onto the salt flats for some fun and tell us some stories about the trip along the way .... made me want to go on a loooong drive
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Originally Posted by SSOOCH View Post
Man, I wish I knew they were doing this. I'd would have loved to drive out there and watch this. It's about 40mins away from me.
Perhaps we could have a test of our own!
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Wow. That was a great article. I'm ready to go play now.
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Great read, I didn't pick up my beer once.
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Great read, it's amazing to think that with $32,000, and some money to tune out your governor, you can get to 174.4 mph!
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I've gotta figure out how to get a job where they'll pay me to do things like this lol. VERY entertaining read.

Blue Angel is here!!
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good read
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Mr. Wyndham
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I intend to make a 'pilgrimage' to the salt-flats at least once in my life.

Awesome read.
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I agree a more fair comparison is the SS and 5.0 GT. The fastest 0-60 times recorded in magazine tests for the 2011 GT, set up just like mine (6spd manual, 3.73 gears, Brembo package) is 4.3 seconds v.s the 2010 GT 500 coming in at 4.1 seconds. I think the SS was 4.5-4.6. So, higher HP is not necessary equivalent to higher speed. I would love to take a shot at a GT 500 with just a few bolt ons just shut those morons up. They love to tout how great their cars are. I hope $15K-$20K is worth 2/10ths of a second for them a dn 4/10ths in the quarter (12.4 v.s 12.8). I'm quite certain the 5.0 can make up those differences for a lot less money, as can the SS.

I have to say I like the LS engines. I drove one today. My Mustang loves to rev and makes its power in a different power band than the SS. The SS has more "grunt" until a certain rpm. Reminds me of the 1998 T/A WS-6 I used to have.
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