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Old 04-30-2013, 05:06 PM   #85
(aka) Troy & Maria
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Originally Posted by caverman View Post
Good to see the pics. I will say the solid flat back hood with the new hood diffuser looks better. That's probably just because the diffuser is a lot more hidden that way.

Still.....I'm trying to be a little open minded but the back end with the horrible tail lights and the new rear diffuser.

I still just don't get the change. I know there are people that are saying that those that don't like the new changes are just trying to justify not being able to afford an upgrade and all.....well, believe what you want. I can honestly say that there is no way I would buy a Camaro with the new styling.

The only thing that I would really love to have would be the Recaro seats. That GM did right. I hope to be able to retrofit those in my car some day.
Exactly how I see things too!
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Originally Posted by SixCyl View Post
I remember a GM agent mentioned that the new front fascia would not physically fit the ZL1.
They said that it was because of the aerodynamics of the front of the ZL1 and that they didn't want to change the front fascia because of that. It probably really means that they didn't want to spend the money to engineer and test a new front fascia that would seperate the ZL1 from the other Camaros. lol
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So glad i got my 2013 1LE the front looks good till i saw the back
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Not Liking All The Plastic

Maybe my age is showing but I'm not liking all black plastic around the front of the ZL1. Also that off color rear diffuser doesn't work. I like the basic refreshening of the design but I'd have a lot of that stuff painted the body color shortly after my purchase.
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I've warmed up to the front of the 14, but the back still doesn't do it for me. I may take the plunge on a Z/28, but unless there are some performance bumps for 2014 or 2015 ZL1, I can safely say that my decision will come down to a new Z/28 vs a used 2013 ZL1.
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• HT •
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Here are some comparison pics I just put together. Makes it easier to a/b the two.

I don't even know... Find a 2013 1LE? Order a 2014 1LE?

I'll be looking at these pics all night!
Attached Images
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WOW!!! Am I glad that I bought 2013 ZL1 or what?! The back end is FUGLY!!!
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Emerald Coast Camaros
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I like the new look!! On both cars. Not sure yet if I like it more, less, or just the same than the current look but I do like it nonetheless!! BADAZZ looking cars IMO.
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The ZL1 vert even has the ol' egg crate grille.....the classics never go out of style
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I'm trying not to be a hater, Scott if youre reading, and also holding final opinions until I see some of these myself. Hopefully hopefully these and a Z/28 will be in Atlanta at FBody Gathering in a couple weeks. I'm so firing up the fancy camera for that.

The 1LE at least covers up the thing on the hood, ok and this is from a ZL1 guy with an even bigger thing on my hood, but whatever, I thought the front end was growing on me. Me first impressions were not great, but we're getting there. I'd say that chrome strip would have to go. It didn't occur to me how plain the back end sort of looks until someone said something above here. But then again I've probably commented that I wish I could get rid of my reverse lights on my car, so that goes both ways. I did think the diffuser coming half way up the tag is weird.

Strictly from an engineering stand point I wonder if the new diffuser is more functional than the old, because it's shaped so different.

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Old 04-30-2013, 06:12 PM   #95
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i dont understand why on the new front end the lower grille is flat while the front fascia is not...
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Lickwid Apex
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Car still looks cool. But I'm very happy I have my 2013. I'm not a fan of the flat tail lights or the super thin front grill.
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I love the 1LE with the new hood and rear end.
I am on the fence on the zl1 bias maybe....
Laus Deo
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slick rick
SoCal Mayhem
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Yup, still not a fan of the refresh
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