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I'll probably offend you
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Originally Posted by ClaymoreZ28 View Post
All subjective really - but I personally dont like the direction and am very happy with my 2010 which as my 13 year old daughter said "looks more like a muscle car" than new designs being discussed

I would have viewed the separate tail lights on earlier designs as a chevrolet design theme across the product lines

I do see parallels with the Mustang which started off as a fine looking retro-futuristic model in 2005 and has deteriorated to looking a bit of a dogs dinner in recent years as designers have wrestled with making it look a little bit different every year

General issue is the marketing need to keep visual differentiation and to help keep the range "fresh" year to year which I understand - but which can drive some strange change for sake of change (or for sake of fashion)

Just like with humans - too much plastic surgery can make someone look like a caricature of themselves

Ultimately I am just happy to see Camaro as a brand continue to be strong. What a turnaround in such a short time from an extinct brand to an entire line up of models

What do you mean?
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Cyber Gray
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Originally Posted by Agent orange View Post
Dont think so
The 2013 ones are already doing better than the older ones. I dont think that the face left on the 2014 was done with no objective.

It should have a better air intake and aero dynamics.

Wait and see
Im not Gray any more !!
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I love they way my 2013 2SS/RS looks. Wouldn't trade it for anything and plan to pass it on to the kids when I die. Yes, I'm that crazy about it.
I think the new 2014 front looks really nice. I think the new rear needs refinement. What happened to the homage to "big brother" corvette tail lights? Either way, it's a Camaro!!!

Overall the 2014 looks nice. However, looks are subjective. Remember, there aren't many cars out there that have drop dead looks like this one does. Just because it has a different a$$, doesn't necessarily mean it isn't a nice one.
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For the people that are saying he is wrong about the new style being more aggressive take a look at this pic of a me it looks more aggressive
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Everyone has pretty valid points, I just wanted to chime in with something, maybe far fetched, maybe not. When the c7 was unveiled, everyone kept saying how they hated the rear because the tail lights looks just like the camaro. I'm just an enthusiast like everyone else here. Do you think that for the 2010-13 models, they were inspired by the vet for the tail lights on the camaro? And figuring since they already unveiled the vette with those lights,and they are already tooled up for it, they had more time to make a change with the camaro. I'm sort of thinking of it like this: imagine the vette w/o it's signature tail lights; 4 individual lights. Is it possible that the refreshed camaro lights were originally a prototype for the c7? And if so, they felt they liked the design, but it just didn't fit in with the vette's history. So they made a few changes and decided to take the camaro in a slightly different direction. I for one like the front end on the refresh, the back looses me. Happy that that they did away with the non functional mail slot and kept it smooth. I would have liked bigger headlights. On the rear, I like that they pulled the reverse lights out of the bottom of the bumper, but the lights themselves need work. They remind me of the challenger or maybe even the new charger. I like the rear on both of those cars, but to me, I hope that some aftermarket company makes something better looking for the refresh to swap in.
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