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Old 03-15-2016, 11:21 PM   #1
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2017 ZL1 or keep your 5th gen?

Nice car but...not for me. I started with a 2012 SS2 and then traded up for my 2013 ZL1. Really like the interior in some areas but just can't get over the way the new Z has lost its "I'm going to kick your ass look." 640hp is a nice update though I have to admit.
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Nor Cal ZL1

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Not feeling it. Cool car, but too busy and gimmicky for me. I was worried I would want one. I don't like the designed overseas styling, or the wide mouth Bass look that almost all new cars have these days. Performance will be outstanding for sure, but I'm sticking to my 13, and throwing down some mods instead of trading in. With the 6th I see elements of design that I like, as well as some that I ask "who approved that"? I don't have that question with the 5th gen. Awesome performance, questionable styling design. Its a pass for me.

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I will get one when they go on sale , but good news is the fat kitty is running for the litterbox.

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Drives: 2013 Triple Black ZL1 Vert M6 ECF
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I'm probably going to get a lot of heat for this, but from looking at the pictures, I just don't care for the new styling.

I love the new 10-speed auto, but you know, my 2013 ZL1 convertible STILL puts a big damn smile on my face every time I start it up.

So far, my plan is to just hang on to my current ZL1.
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Mr. Wyndham
I used to be Dragoneye...
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Can't really go wrong, either way!
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my first thought seeing this was "wow a lot of Lexus RC-F going on there"
my second thought was "ten speed is nice but do we REALLY need that?"
my third thought was "no, it's not affordable like the Gen5 Z - that car won't be under 80k"
and finally - i liked the 2017 1LE pics better

great car but just an outrageous toy for rich people

i look at it this way - when the dealer tells me the new 2017 1LE is going to cost me my car plus another twenty grand I say " Self, I don't like that new one twenty thousand dollars more than the one I have "

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Team 913
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As much as would like to ... Doesn't make financial sense for me ... Say I get 35k for the car... Sell my extra suspension parts and wheels/tires I haven't put on yet for maybe another 5 ... 40k total ... Owe 15k on the car now, payments only 250$ ...

25k profit ... Turn around an put that down on the car ... Figure 75k otd probably ... 50k financed for 6 years jumps me up to 800ish a month...

Then there are the mods that will follow along with the car lol...

Or mod what I got ... Pull 650-700rwhp for less than 10k if I choose ...

God I hate logic... Cause that is a nice nice car
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1st Civ. Div.
Drives: Camaroless for now...RIP "Big SexZ"
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Not immediately....but it is NOW on my gotta have list for the future. 1LE now ZL1, so many choices....not enough money for all my wants.
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Old 03-16-2016, 01:38 AM   #9
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nice. not really liking the exterior quite yet, maybe it'll grow on me. Like they said...Function over form. one thing that stands out to me is the standard Recaros. I think the 5th gen Recaros look much nicer. Interior looks way too busy for me since the gauges were moved from the center console to the dash. It is definitely a beast that I wouldn't mind having, but not worth trading for right now. I wonder if they'll have the hood in the exposed CF?
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Old 03-16-2016, 03:22 AM   #10
Go Cougs!
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Can't wait for some real track numbers. I have a feeling this will sway a lot more people.
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I am hoping to buy a Z06 next spring but if I cannot afford it, I may opt for another Camaro.
I hope it has more than 650 horses though :p
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Doesn't matter how well it performs to me, I am just not into the new Gen6....primarily the interiors on them. I also am not a fan of the LT4 engine. I like the first gen styling like I said in previous threads like this one, even though these 5th Gens are hogs. I am just glad the Big Three keeps pumping out these high horsepower cars!
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Old 03-16-2016, 04:08 AM   #13
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Sticking with my brand new Gen5 Z.
2015 ZL1 M6
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Drives: 2014 ZL1 M6
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How do you delete the SS wing on be decklid and add a spoiler like ours or the z28??

2014 ZL1 M6
Bone stock, for now!

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