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A Guide to the Sub Forums of Camaro5

Since there seems to be a some confusion regarding the various subforums, and even a lack of awareness in some cases I thought I'd make a thread briefly explaining the purpose of each.

General Camaro Forums

5th Gen Camaro General Discussions

General 5th Gen talk not covered by other subforums

This seems to be the most misunderstood section of the site. If something doesn't fit into a category we already have, post it here. So don't ask about what headers you should buy, or what polish we recommend, or talk about your lost dog. Those threads belong elsewhere. But if its a piece of Camaro news, or a general question about the car feel free to post it here.

Camaro ZL1 Forum - ZL1 Specific Topics
ZL1 Specific Topics

Fairly simple and straight forward. If its about the ZL1 (but not ZL1 vs ____ ) it goes here. There is also a sub-subforum here regarding Engine | Exhaust | Bolt-On | Drivetrain Modifications specific to the LSA in the ZL1.

Camaro Z28 Forum - Z28 Specific Topics
Z28 Specific Topics

Need I explain more?

Camaro Convertible Forum
For all Camaro Convertible specific discussions

Try to keep threads focused on the convertible aspects of the car here. If you're asking about modding the engine for your convertible, you'd be better off asking down below in the tech section.

Camaro Photos | Spyshots | Video | Media Gallery
All Camaro related pictures, videos and other assorted media

If you've got some pictures or video to share featuring the 5th gen, post them here. Or, if you'd like to see how some wheel or spoiler or something looks on the Camaro this is the place to look.

Camaro Price | Ordering | Tracking | Dealers Discussions
Discuss pricing speculation and ordering experiences

For those that have questions about the ordering process, or want to see how their car is progressing through all the different stages, this is the place to go. Included here is a Guides, Manuals, Bulletins, Documentation archive with all such information conveniently located together.

Chevy Camaro Vs ...
Comparison of Chevy Camaro versus its competition. *NO STREET RACING STORIES*

Have a buddy that wants to race you, and you're not sure how you'd stack up? This is the place. Also for more ... theoretical ... bench racing for those that are curious as to how the Camaro stacks up against other cars. Do not post street racing stories. Do not post street racing videos.

Camaro Motorsports Discussions
Motorsports involving Camaros - Grand-Am, Redline Time Attack, Drift Events, etc.

The 5th Gen races in a number of different series, and most of them are covered here. Check out the latest results and talk about next weekends events.

Member Car Journals
Want to keep a long term Camaro project journal to share with the community? Use this forum to create a single thread which you can update over time to document the progress.

Tran's lengthy description pretty much says it all, so I'll leave it at that.

Camaro5Fest Discussions
All talk related to the Camaro5fest events.

For the latest news about the 'Fest, posting up suggestions, the caravans that will forming all over the United States and Canada, and any grudge matches that are being planned and anything else related to Camaro5Fest. Past Fests are archived in their own sub-subforum.

Regional Forums
This is entirely made up of subforms. If you questions specific to your area, have a regional owners club, or a local event talk about it here. Occasionally large events will be drawing on people from neighbouring regions so don't forget to check out whats going on in the surrounding area too. Also a good place to hang out and talk about local 'off topic' items. There is also a local marketplace.

Engine | Drivetrain | Powertrain Technical Discussions

Most of these are fairly self explanatory, so I'll let the title & description do the work for me here

Camaro V8 LS3 / L99 Engine, Exhaust, and Bolt-Ons
Bolt-Ons | Intakes | Exhaust

Camaro V6 LLT / LFX Engine, Exhaust, and Bolt-Ons
Bolt-Ons | Intakes | Exhaust

Forced Induction - V8
V8 Supercharger, turbo, nitrous discussions

Forced Induction - V6
V6 Supercharger, turbo, nitrous discussions

V8 and V6 Transmissions / Driveline (6L80 / 6L50 / TR6060 / AY6)
Driveshafts | Differentials | Gears | Rearends | Clutch | Shifters

Tuning / Diagnostics -- engine and transmission
Tune and diagnostics for engines and auto transmission.

Mechanical Maintenance: Break-in / Oil & Fluids / Servicing
Discussions on mechanical maintenance and servicing of your Camaro

Technical Camaro Topics

Wheels and Tires Talk Sponsored by The Tire Rack
Discuss issues related to wheels and tires

If you'd like to know what sized wheels and drag radials you can fit, or what brand of winter tires you should buy this is the place to be.

Suspension / Brakes / Chassis
All suspension, brakes and chassis discussions.

The go-to place for improving the handling of your Camaro. Also helpful for learning about how the suspension works, and what the different parts and upgrades are supposed to do.

Audio, Video, Bluetooth, Navigation, Radar, Electronics Forum
All audio, video, bluetooth, nav, radar, and electronics discussions.

Everything you'd want to know about in car electronics, whether its from the factory or an aftermarket setup.

Cosmetics and Lighting Modification DiscussionsExternal and Internal cosmetics modifications.

To some, changing how your car looks is almost as important as changing how it performs. For others, its more important. Here you can find anything you want to know about cosmetic mods for your Camaro

Cosmetic Maintenance: Washing, Waxing, Detailing, Bodywork, Protection
Anything related to keeping your Camaro clean and in good cosmetic condition.

Want to know what polish works best? Not sure what a clay bar is or how to use it? Trying to get rid of swirl marks? Look for it in here

Dragstrip, Tracking, Autocrossing, Driving Techniques Discussions
Performance driving discussions

Post up how you ran last night at the strip, ask for tips on how to get the best time when you tackle the autocross track, and find out how to keep your car running well on track days at your local road course.

Camaro Issues / Problems | Warranty Discussions | TSB and Recalls
Report, discuss and diagnose any issues and problems with your Camaro, including warranty discussions.

If you're having a problem with your car, check here to see if others have the same issue or if there is a fix being offered from GM.

Camaro DIY & HOW-TO instructions & discussions

All DIY projects & discussions

If you want to know how to remove your front bumper, install a supercharger, or change the oil in your car this is the place to be.

Garage / Tools Discussions
Discussions about garage setups and general tools discussions.

You can't work on your car without the right tools. Check this section out for tips and setups that other members have in their garage.


Sponsors Classifieds Marketplace
All sponsors classifieds. (Camaro5 is not responsible for transactions made between vendors and members)

A collection of sub-forums with our vendors selling their products

Members Classifieds - Parts for sale or wanted
All car related items for sale or wanted. (Camaro5 is not responsible for transactions made between members)

Pretty much the same as above, but its member selling not sponsors.

Vendor and Seller review / feedback / experiences
Share review & feedback on vendors and sellers

Pretty self explanatory

Camaro5 Store Merchandise
Camaro5 Store Offers merchandise, as well as general Camaro items.

If you're wondering of a certain shirt is still available, or if you have suggestions for more merchandise we could offer post it here.

Other Generations

4th Generation Camaros

3rd Generation Camaros

1st & 2nd Generation Camaros

If you have questions about the previous generations of the Camaro, or just want to talk about them. Also includes a marketplace in each section.

Off Topic

New Member Introductions
New members, come introduce yourselves here!

General Automotive + Other Cars Discussion
Come chat about other cars.

This is for talking about any car or automotive news besides the Camaro. Yes, people are allowed to talk about other cars here on Camaro5. That said, it is If you constantly post in support of one particular competitor or brand, do not be surprised if you get an infraction for trolling.

Off-topic Discussions
Discuss any off-topic subjects with other members.

A general place to hang out and discuss things not related to cars. It includes a sports lounge and a gaming lounge.

Site Related Announcements / Suggestions / Feedback / Questions
From and for the admins

If you are having issues with the site, want to know how to use some of the more advanced features, or want to ask the staff some questions post them here

I hope that helps to make it clearer about what should go where, and where you can find information you're looking for.

Note, if I've gotten any facts wrong in the above, just ignore any points I made with them
Originally Posted by FbodFather
My sister's dentist's brother's cousin's housekeeper's dog-breeder's nephew sells coffee filters to the company that provides coffee to General Motors......
........and HE WOULD KNOW!!!!

Camaro Fest sub-forum
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