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Originally Posted by asrapid View Post
but i don't see that there is talk about I4 replacing V8..we are talking here about base engine. You guys didn't expect V8 to be base engine for camaro i hope?
I mean maybe I4 engines aren't so cool like V8 but selling them can help raise money for developing new V8 engines.

I see your point and agree with you. Unfortunately domestic (obviously in this case meaning American) car makers haven't mastered the "less is more" approach to powertrain development as well as the Europeans and Asians. As a result of the "American way" a stigma has been produced around certain engines in certain cars based purely off of the number of cylinders under the hood, not to mention the effort put forth until now towards engineering smaller more powerful engines. In time (starting now) I think this will change drastically, especially for those of us looking for performance on a budget.
"Let the rest of the world dream of Ferraris, Lamborghinis and dinky little British two-seaters. In this country speed doesn't look like that." Got SS?
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4 banger

I could live with a V6 in the lineup , either straight up of forced induction. A 4 cylinder is an insult to the heritage of this car. I guess they haven't learned it's all about the weight to horsepower ratio that gives you better economy. If the car drops 1-2 hundred pounds in weight (I'm being generous)by doing this what are you going to save 1-2 mpg? 1-2 mpg is not going to sway anybody into buying or not buying this car. Drop 800 to 1000 now were talking but that's not going to happen unless they redesign completely the car for this engine. Anyhow I'm buying a V8. Anyone remember the difference in MPG between the last gen V6 and V8 (1-2mpg)? That's of course if your not beating the crap out of the v8 and everything is running perfectly. I can be wittness to that i've owned both.
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I personally think that GM WILL increase the price somewhat dramatically, to try to further separate the Camaro and Stang, like say $25k for a 6-cyl, and over $30 for a v-8. This will KILL the whole concept. I would be willing to bet that 90% of the new buyers want the camaro because of it being compared to the mustang, so if the price is increased this much, it will mean the end again.

I'm a working man with 3 kids and a thrifty wife, I could swing her to a $22k camaro 6-cyl, but if what I'm afraid of comes true, a $25k+ car, I won't be able to get one until several more years out, and I pick up a used one.

Why GM? Why??
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Originally Posted by smokn' View Post
who are they trying to appeal to? ricers? i think they need to rethink their target audience!
No thats the Cobalt SS' job...

Anyone else think its strange that Peper told us that the v6 would be 300+ and Lutz is saying that the v6 will only be 260?? Hell even that engine in the transverse crossover is 283, I don't see how Lutz can be right about the output of the 3.6 in the Camaro.
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Ok, I calmed down a bit when I realized that there have been 4-cylinder Camaros. But honestly I think the GM's leadership has lost its touch to the Camaro buying audience. Isn't that what happened in 2002? Why not play towards the car's strengths as the Mustang has done all this time.

The sad thing is Ford is thinking about a turbo-6 instead of a V8. Ah, the second Golden Age may not be what I envisioned...
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All this talk about fuel economy and 6 cylinders makes me sick. I own a Cobalt SS Supercharged and although I love that car would not own a Camaro with that motor. The performance is great dependability has been awesome but there is just something wrong with rolling up in a Camaro that doesnt have V-8 sound. All the 6 and 4 cylinder camaros that came before were a joke. Nobody wanted them just couldnt afford the V-8. Camaro=V-8
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whats next ,,bring back a 4 cyl vette...................chevette?---lol
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and another thing, if they really increase the price, it will kill the sales. we're in a recession here and it's probably only going to get worse. if the difference b/w a camaro and a mustang is $2-5 thousand, that is plenty of incentive to go with the stang. especially if the 6 isn't all that more powerful than the stang.
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Originally Posted by Dan View Post
Anyone else think its strange that Peper told us that the v6 would be 300+ and Lutz is saying that the v6 will only be 260?? Hell even that engine in the transverse crossover is 283, I don't see how Lutz can be right about the output of the 3.6 in the Camaro.
What is also a little confusing is...they keep quoting 6.0 as the V8? Both Lutz and Peper have quoted this...hmmm?

I will wait to see just what "premium priced" means...but I am still holding out for a V8/M6 within a thousand dollars of a similarly equipped Mustang.
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I for one have faith in GM. They're a business after all and thus their primary goal at the end of the day is to make the largest profit possible. You do that by offering the best vehicle possible, so I wouldn't worry too terribly much. Even if they do offer a 4-banger entry-level option, so what? We'll all get the V6 or V8 and we'll have a lot of teenagers and mom's-in-mid-life-crisis driving around in the I4's. If anything we gain new "comrades" and keep these potential "ricers" from purchasing foreign cars.

We get our V8's/V6's, GM gets to sell more cars, foreign automakers lose business.

We win, GM wins, and American automakers all-around win.
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You guys are rediculous. Has everyone forgot about the 4 cylinder camaro's of the 80's. It didn't disgrace the car's rep then, why will it now. In the 80's we were getting over the gas crunch and the ecomony sucked (just like today) and the I4 only lasted a few years. I think a 4 is a great idea. It will help with the fleet mpg's and lower the price for non-enthusiasts. WE ARE STILL GETTING THE V8, whats the big deal. Yeah, maybe ricers will buy the I-4 turbo, but that means more sales insuring the future of the camaro. The more people this car appeals to the better. The camaro has to adapt and evolve to survive. Let's not forget that the car went on hiautus because it didn't evolve. All of you that are upset that the camaro can be offered with a 4 are obsured. Go buy a turbo cobalt and get jelous when I blow past in my V8 fifth gen.
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GM from their stand point has to offer the three different engines. Times are changing and the gas prices are not going down EVER! They are expecting gas prices to rise over $4 this summer. How are they gonna sell big V8 if the people cant afford to put gas in its tank? It will help them achieve the numbers they are aiming for. Just like any other business you do what is profitable, which means they want to get costumers in the front door to start with. And with offering a 4 cyl you will get the camaro into more peoples hands. I am not trying to start an arguement by saying this but will the muscle cars no longer be muscle cars when the gas is all gone???? Eventually there is gonna be a different fuel source that is fact. Just because there is a 4 cyl camaro doesnt mean that the V8 that myself and most likely the rest of you guys on this site are going to buy is crap now. And i would imagine that GM has learned for its last mistake with the camaro in price. The gen 4 camaro was way overpriced compared to the mustang, so i doubt the price won't be too out of line with the mustang in the end.
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I don't want to be too pessimistic, but I can't shake the feeling in the pit of my stomach about the price. I hope the General was only shooting off at the mouth and the guys on the front lines know what's really going on and will chime in soon.
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ok seriously, the I4 is a smart @$$ idea. no one else thought to do it, so that means they have technically one-uped the competition. ok sure the cobalt ss would have more power, but big deal, does the colbalt have a rep, design, and overall presence like the camaro does? HELL NO!!! beside like others have said, there are 2 other choices, if you dont want the I4, then get the V6 or V8. its not that bad of an idea guys and gals, its actually pretty smart if you really think about it.
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