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Bring It
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650RWHP...What's the weakest link?

I got decent power out of my current mods in my signature. I'm wondering what the weakest link is out of the stock parts still on the car.

For my cam swap I only did the cam, springs, rods, and bolt.

I'm hoping it isn't anything in the engine. I'm thinking it may be the axles since I remember reading something about them being weak.

Maybe the clutch?


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Well seeings how for the stock engine they replaced the halfshafts/toe links for the 1le. There's obviously not too strong in a normal SS

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as far as your motor is concerned hope for the best and expect the worst.

the drivetrain will depend on your tires and how well they hook, one good hook and you WILL break something, not that I wish that on you BUT if keeping it 100% with ya.
2001 ws6, 40k miles, Ls3 416 stroker, short block built by PER the rest by me. LPE Ls3 heads milled to 12-1 comp, FAST 102, NW 102, kooks 2", dual DMH cutouts, Magnaflow C/B, BTR cam + springs. Full UMI suspension.
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Forged motor? It should hold if the fuel is good. Just keep an eye out! I've blew my 1st 6.2L due to a boost spike :/
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Svt lol
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Just get a good tune your engine should be fine a few friends on a somewhat conservative tune are running 725 rwhp on stock bottom end ls3 (side note would start to save for forging the internals just incase) your rear axles and driveshaft couplers will go out first if you're dragging it.
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-John S.

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Bo White

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Clutch, axles and fulcrum kit for the rockers.
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Originally Posted by 62nalide View Post
Forged motor? It should hold if the fuel is good. Just keep an eye out! I've blew my 1st 6.2L due to a boost spike :/
If you're careful enough in the tune, you can make it almost immune to boost spikes. Especially with HPTuners boost fuel cut feature.

2010 Camaro SS M6. Heads/Cam/Intake/Headers/Exhaust/Suspension
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Trunion upgrade

When I upgraded my cam, Comp Cams told me I should get the trunion upgrade. (replace the bearings inside the stock rockers with better ones) since there is a lot more spring force on the rocker arm. This wasn't a requirement but I did it anyway. I doubt you will fail one. I also did a Melling high volume oil pump with all the talk of the stock pumps dying on people, just cheap insurance in my book.

I would make sure your rear end hooks and you don't get wheel hop. Install the Pfadt trailing arms and you should be good to go. That is my two cents.
2010 Camaro 2SS, Headers and Borla catback, Hurst shifter, ported throttle body, ported intake, RotoFab CAI, Night Fury cam installed and tuned by Lethal Racing, Eaton Tru-Trac rearend with 4.11 gears, Pfadt trailing arms
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Suspension. Power is worthless if you can't get it to the pavement.

that being said, once you upgrade the suspension to get it hooked up you will need the axles, driveshaft, and pumpkin/gears that wont snap with the newly connected tires.
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10-bolt Destroyer
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From personal experience, the half-shafts are by far the weakest link in the SS driveline.

I've broken 2x shafts on my stock 2012 2SS/RS. The first one was the passenger side (the thicker and shorter one) and the 2nd time was the drivers saide (skinnier but longer one).

The 'pumpkin' on our cars is actually surprisingly VERY strong, however the stock LSD/Posi unit wont hold 650rwhp for long unless you do the JRE posi-mod.

Personally, if I was going to make that kind of power, I would change these parts in this order:

-1LE rear half-shafts (at the minimum)
-1 piece aluminum rear driveshaft
-JRE Posi-mod OR swap carrier for an Eaton tru-trac or something similar
-Lighter wheels and tires
-Trunion upgrade
-Melling oil pump
-LS2 timing chain tensioner
-C5.R timing chain

Just these parts alone should give you a fairly bullet proof driveline. The Stock clutch can hold a lot of power surprisingly and so can the TR6060.

You can make 700rwhp on stock internals + cam & boost or nitrous. Its been done many times.

2012 Camaro 2SS/RS - LS3/TR6060: Cam, Headers, Exhaust, Intake, Gears, Twin Disk, Suspension, Tuned - 475rwhp, 443rwtq
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Fuel wise I think you need dual fuel pump set up with ID-850 injectors and a great tune. Engine wise I would say Meling oil pump, C5R timing chain, LS2 damper, and trunion rocker arm upgrade. With those above upgrades with a good tune I see that motor being just fine. Driveline wise dual clutch, driveshaft, and at that power level forget just axles because your going to need a full 12 bolt or 9inch with any kind of clutch drops with super sticky tires. Suspension wise you really need to throw the book at it with the M6. Cradle bushings, trailing arms, diff bushings, pretty much everything. As to what is the weakest link of all of that? Well if you didn't use real sticky tires or do any full WOT runs from a dig I would say Fuel componets and the valvetrain componets I listed. Good luck.
BLK/BLK 1SS/RS Ordered 11-01-2009 Took delivery 12-22-2009. Heads/cam/converter/bolt ons. SOLD Feb 2015 to fund 6th gen LT1 SS with 8L90E.
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Nobody has mentioned the output shaft on the transmission!?!?!? Since he has a 2010 (don't know if it an early or late '10?), but didn't the earlier 2010's have a known weak output shaft on the TR6060??? Taking that into consideration, my next guesses would be either the axles or the stock posi-unit.
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At that power level my weakest link would have to be my wallet

But like everyone has already stated: Half shafts, pumkpin, and a 10 or 12 bolt rear end.
2013 1SS M6 with Flowmaster Pro 10 axle back and CAGS shift skip eliminator
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