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Installing a mylink

So my car has the single din stereo , would i need new brackets to install a mylink from another camaro into mine ? And if yes where could I find it?
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Did you mean that you've installed a single-DIN aftermarket head unit to replace the original factory radio? The factory head units, both the std 2010/11 units and the replacement MyLink units, are actually a little larger than double-DIN, but they're the same physical size. Any aftermarket 1DIN unit will have required either aux brackets or drilling of the existing braces to mount, so to install a MyLink you should only need to remove any aux brackets for the 1DIN unit.

The much bigger problem is that the wiring for the MyLink is quite a bit different than the wiring for the std radio-only head. Hopefully, whoever installed the 1DIN used the proper harness adapters rather than cutting the factory harness! If the factory harness is all intact, the MyLink upgrade kit will include all of the new harnesses you need and almost everything is plug-n-play (there are a couple of splices needed.) If the original harness has been fragged, you're going to have a bear of a time sorting out what connects to where, and how.

Be aware that installing a MyLink w/ nav is not as simple a job as the videos you see online make it appear. I took mine to a pro shop with lots of Camaro experience and all the right tools, and it still took them 7 hours or so to do the whole job (they also installed the backup camera.) If you're not experienced and/or don't have a broad set of tools for this type of work, you really should consider shelling on the bucks to have a pro do it.

Oh, one other thing: you can't just take the MyLink out of some other car, install it in yours and off you go. The head units are programmed with the car's VIN and if the radio's VIN doesn't match the vehicle, said radio will become stone dead. This is a designed-in theft-deterrence measure and is great for that, but it means that you can't go get a junkyard unit and install it in your car unless it's reprogrammed. Gen5DIY and the other shops that sell the upgrade kits can do this reprogramming for you, but it's not particularly cheap.


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You would need the complete kit. Gen5diy is a great source. While it is not a cheap upgrade I'm glad I did it. I did it myself in about 3 1/2 hours in the garage while drinking moderately. Mylink with nav.
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