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troubleshoot possible oil seepage

I am new.
No oil found on my garage floor. The car has been sitting all winter so far. Doing some cleaning I noticed that under the front bumper. I can just get my head under there enough to see the sub-frame that comes to the bumper in a V has a different*looking texture*as compared*to the other side of the V just on the frame.

looks like it was seepage, or is. went I touch it with my finger I can't get anything off on to my figure to see what it is. even tried to go in the crack of the bolt to get some on my finger but it's not sticking or it's just nothing.

So I cant get a sample on my skin to see what it is... I am totally*new to Camaro and no mechanical skills. Worked in IT for 20 years. But recently I fell totally in love with 5th gen and now johnny comes lately*so please forgive me.*

Its a 2015 2LT RS with 50,000k. Just bought it 3 months ago, it's been sitting in my garage*because*of winter up here in Canada, still, on the same tank of gas the dealer filled it up with.

anyway seeing that is freaking me out.
I realize is not dripping, I see no oil in the engine area. I just cleaned the hell out of it and found no oil... engine area looks brand new.

But underneath on the frame near the front bumper, talking about the two arms running under the engine. I think its called the sub-frame. One side looks nice standard black factory paint, the other arm has an area that has the shine to it like there was oil there at one time. COr there is an issue appearing.

I guess I am asking for some opinions from you guys who may have many years of experience. I am very critical because I just got the car and have been working on cleaning it up and planning some upgrades.

I don't want to have to drive it over and have lost half a day and 100 bucks for the dealer to have a look. I did get the 100k warranty and happy I did now...*

so is there any advice as to troubleshoot this? I will post an image tomorrow and show you, its night right now.

I can't get under there to have a good look. The oil has not gone down when I check the stick but the oil was changed by the dealer and oil digital condition shows 81% already. just 150km put on her now driving from the dealer, I find that surprising.
I think it was maybe a leak that was repaired and now fixed... I hope. or some other subtle issue that may grow. hard to explain all this when your not a mechanic, sorry about that lol

any ideas what I can do to figure out what it is without having to call the dealership, and don't have jack stands, or a trolley yet

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First of all you made an EXCELLENT purchase. Do not freak out. You have a 5 year old car with 50K miles on it AND you live in a harsh climate. Some weeps, seeps and even the occasional dribble can be expected. The car obviously needs to be driven to get "the blood circulating" before you can even determine IF there is a problem. What you are seeing may even be residual fluids from previous maintenance. It's good to be on top of any potential problems but I would say relax, drive, enjoy and tell yourself (and your car) that you will meet and conquer any future mechanical challenges. You are going to love your Gen 5 Camaro.
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Drives: 2015 2LT RS v6 Convertible (Silver)
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Location: Oshawa Ont.
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thanks! I will keep an eye on it..but your right. Need to enjoy the car!
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If you can't even get any oily residue on your finger, it's really not a leak. Perhaps residue from an oil change or previous repair. Just keep an eye on it and put it in the back of your mind. Enjoy that baby!
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