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Another great month. Zl1 on the way. It's a good time for Camaro fans.

Mods: BBK Intake, BBK LT's and High Flow Cats, Corsa Cat-back exhaust, Hurst short throw shifter, SLP skip-shift eliminator.

7/1/09 Placed order for IOM/IO int/ SS/RS 6M
9/26/09 Took delivery!
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Fear the Red Bow Tie
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Wow that close to sales with the Challenger is saying something, and by no means is that bashing the Mopar muscle car, its just that the Challenger has very, very slowly been rising in sales and is now this close to Mustang really must be sending some type of shockwave to Ford. But as 90503 was saying, it is all about the styling. In previous years especially the 4th gen era, Camaro had more power and performance than that of the 4th gen Mustangs and we were being outdoor by less performance by the blue oval. If we see the same trend when the 6th gens come out then it will tell the real story of what the general public really looks at when purchasing a performance car. When does the Boss go on sale? If it has already, it has really done nothing to help Mustangs' sales at all and it'll be interesting to see what happens with the numbers when the ZL1 comes unleashed.
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Originally Posted by 90503 View Post
IMO its over-all styling that sells...not hp or performance...all the camaros, whether v6, v8, convert, ss, non ss, or whatever....congratulations to all who chose a camaro, regardless of model...but remember if it wasn't for the great new dodges and mustangs...we probably wouldn't have these camaros!
this is correct! at least for the last 2 years or so! much as i want to think the styling will continue to sell the car,i gotta tell ya,i really don't believe that!
it sucks,but what we are up against is f**ked up gas prices that are headed north again. i'm seein' the camaro showin' up on dealers lots in numbers!
people have had their fun,and quite a few want out now that gas is about to take off again,and blow $4.00 a gallon out of the water!..god i wish i wasn't right!..i was hopin' gas prices would stabilize,but i ain't seein' that!..goin' forward,guys will be makin' tough gas cards are gettin' out of control now,but i'm holdin' on,and i hump the six!..just sayin'
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Originally Posted by oldfriend View Post
Thanks ENATOR , as usually great job , picture clear .
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my new toy

Well I like the look of the newcamaro, the got a 2010 cynergy package one then yesterday upgraded to 2012 2ss transformer edition and Im lovin it took it for a ride and they still waiting for me in Houston. I has a 1971 z28, 1981 r/s, 1995 and still have 96 r/s with a sleeper engine
, i gues Im a camaro Junky stay tune will post pictures of my camaro soon as run out of gas!!!!
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nice,........where's "the pill"?
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looks good

2005 honda accord DD
2009 shelby GT500
1990 LS1 foxbody.Sold
1996 mustang GT.Sold
1994 corvette.Sold
2000 mustang.Sold
1987 camaro Z28.Sold
1985 Supra.Sold
2008 mustang GT.Sold
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Originally Posted by LAWMAN View Post
nice,........where's "the pill"?
He probably had to take a pill.

2010 2SS Ordered 7/20/09
Delivered 10/1/2009!!!!!
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Most hated in NM....
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Originally Posted by cab2g View Post
well the Camaro did take a 7 year break.... And the Mustang USED to outsell the Camaro time after time.
true dat..
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Wow....almost outsold the Challenger and Mustang combined. I guess the Camaro is king of the dime a dozen club.
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IBTP = in before the pill
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You Can Call Me Jay
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Originally Posted by 5thGenOwner View Post
IBTP = in before the pill
he'll be here soon. First he has to smoke some weed and over think things

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Originally Posted by AngelSpeedFreak View Post
Every about 10th car I see on the road is still a stang however..
Yep, same here. I see more 2010+ mustangs around than I do 2010+ camaros.

There's 2 camaros on campus here (1 being mine, the other some girl) and 5 or more new model mustangs. Although I will admit there are a few BAS A$$ mustangs around here. One guy has a new model 5.0, sounds like a freaking beast and I've seen him gun it a couple times. I can definitely say I won't mess with him, haha.
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