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rally yellow ss rs
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Regardless, it is a never ending battle between the two. The one thing you can count on is that there will always b one faster at any given time, with the other one developing a faster version. The hell with it. Comes down to style, and the Camaro looks sweet. Supercharge it...void the warranty, and you will be faster.
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Yay! More to love!

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I have a A6 SS. I have changed out to 3.73 Richmond gears, a CAI, LT headers/hf cats, axle back exhaust, and Jannetty tune. My gas mileage dropped about .5-1. Thats it.
2010 SIM SS/RS see garage for mods
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Originally Posted by Cmicasa the Great XvX View Post
And that's with the CamaroSS weighing 200lbs more. Can anyone tell me how much the hood and truck weigh.. and whether a carbon fiber replacement would be worth the change in weight?
I was looking for the same info
1 7/8 AR headers, roto-fab CAI with radiator, fuse box, and valve cover, cam, upgraded fuel system with 85lb injectors, under drive pulley, TVS 2300 S/C, muffler delete, aftermarket wheels, AAC headlights fogs sidemarkers footwell dome and trunk lights.....That's 659.9 RWHP 611.9RWTQ

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Originally Posted by RLHMARINES View Post
I know that the 5.0 is great engine compared to the modular 4.6 engines before it but you cannot dismiss the technology that went into the LS based engine's that's in the camaro. Yes ford did a good job but they had no choice, seeing as how gm was already promoting the 400 hp plus then concept camaro.

Ford decided over a decade earlier to go with overhead cam small displacement V8 compared to gm's decision to overhead valve cam in block large displacement V8. We all know the LS engines have a high ceiling for mods to achieve high hp reliable without breaking the bank compared to extracting big hp from ohc engines, you can do it but it will cost you much more. With every thing being equal the mustang's only advantage over the camaro is it's lower weight. That will be resolved with the new 6th Gen. alpha based camaro. Power to weight ratio and being able to hook it up will win you races. I've seen a lot of mustangs at the track running LS engines and not mod motors over the years, they must know something. The LS engines are just as world class as the 5.0 engines, we get it done with more cubes instead of multiple valves and multiple cams.

We can easily and very reasonable make more hp but just remember gm will respond. Remember when the camaro back in the day had more power and was faster than the mustang but the mustang sold more car's. Now the camaro has the style and performance and that is why it is selling more.
Pffft...not die hard Ford racers....

Not sure where you are sourcing your facts...

3rd gen Camaro was < the fox bodied Mustang from '87 to '93. I consider that "back in the day" as that is the generation of cars I grew up with. In fact, I raced both a '85 and '90 Mustang coupe N/A 11 sec. 302 cars and never once came up against a street legal 3rd gen. Camaro that offered any competition. My biggest competitor was the Buick GN. (That is a fantastic car BTW.)

Comparing the '11 Mustang to the 5th gen Camaro shows that the Mustang has the drag strip advantage. $1,500 in mods you can have a 11 sec. Mustang. Not possible in the Camaro. Main reason I switched back. I was looking at $6.5K in mods to get to the same point in the 5th gen.

Looks are subjective. All opinionated and they come and go.

Not taking anything away from the 5th gen. I enjoyed my Camaro and felt it was a good car. In comparison to the 2011 GT at the strip, it just doesn't measure up with regards to performance for $$$.
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GM has to be careful with power increases, the gas guzzler tax currently sits at 22.5mpg (25/24mpg currently with the 6M/6A). DI will improve mpg but I cannot see DI in the LS3 due to clearance complications with the intake pushrods. DI will be standard only in the raised cam 5.5l whenever it debuts.

A lower final gear ratio or a lower transmission gear set will also affect mpg, more than an HP bump. Gears offered as option though would not affect the rating at all. Ultimately, GM will cater to the masses and that would be the mpg crowd and CAFE/EPA. Yes, Horsepower sells, but MPGs are forever and that will mitigate drooping sales after pent up demand dwindles. I expect interior to trump an HP boost since the GG tax is so close.

Any improvements GM has in store for next year should be kept tight lipped. Releasing any info on upcoming changes will ultimately discourage loyal consumers from buying the current MY11. Impulse buyers usually don't stay with a product nearly as long as loyal GM buyers, and do their buying when the product is new.

As MY10 closed out on June 7th, there were 29k 2010s left unsold. Any leaks that would damage those sales or the sales of the MY11 is highly ill advised.

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