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Drives: 2014 camaro ss
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Popping sound when shifting?

Okay so I have a 2014 ss with around 500rwhp. When I shift to second gear it makes a bump feeling, like it is one bump feeling in the driveline. Iím not sure how to explain it. I donít hear it. I just feel it in the car when I shift. And also, when I come off the clutch it feels like there is a lot of play in the driveline, like a automatic car with a lose u-joint, but my car is Manual. Any offers or suggestions are welcome. It has 42k miles on the car
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You may have a bad throw out bearing support, usually replaced with a billet one from Monster and I believe Tick now has one, you may have a crappy a stock shifter which mine decorates a storage shed. You also may have a deep need for a separate clutch reservoir, I long ago switched by using a Holden small separate reservoir and capping off the out form the brake reservoir and clamping it. I got the reservoir from and it is nice to not contaminate the brake fluid and be able to change it. I don't know how you could be feeling loose drive line with other than clunks form u joints and a visual inspection and hands on underneath would show whats up.

It has been known for some time the plastic stock bearing support is garbage and tracking it riding the clutch too much.....well it can melt and have over the years seen melted ones....which would I imagine make a weird feeling when it does not cleanly slide the clutch in and out....that's my best guess.....that and a hard clutch pedal from contamination. Your two piece driveline up front should be getting a inspection, and I am absolutely happy with my MGW shifter and my Monster lt1s clutch which does allow use of the stock slave, and feels stock while being a 700 capable monster..... and I do use a steel not aluminum flywheel I like the momentum stored of for street driving.

And would also suggest you upgrade your rear trailing arms and toes if they are not yet loose form being rubber crappola stamped steel they will be as you try to avoid wheel hop and cant due to stock crap.
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Drives: 2014 camaro ss
Join Date: Jul 2018
Location: Halifax NC
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Yes I have a hurst short throw in my car and Iím debating on a ls7 clutch kit. And it has a new throw out bearing in when they put the new motor in it. It just feels weird, like it doesnít feel as smooth as it should if that makes any sense. Feels kinda of clunky. Somethings wrong somewhere but I havenít had the time to look at every little thing. Itís not my daily driver. Im a deputy sheriff so I only put about 6k miles on my car a year.
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Mine does that too. A mild thud. Barely noticeable unless the radio is off. Does it in all gears but is less each gear up.

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