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Originally Posted by boondocksaint View Post
Pirelli makes a lot of "supercar" sizes and fitments. They' not always available on tirerack and their ilk, but they are made.
you could run the 293/35 20 all around. Only place you can get them is at Bob woodman tires so far.
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Originally Posted by crangie View Post
GM choose the GY's for a reason. They over the highest sidewall stiffness in the 285 size. Therefore they are also a major contributor for the good ZL1 and 1LE lap times.

Ass Jessrayo describes with tires you have to compromise. You can't get all in one.

The PSS might be an overall better summer street tire than the GY's but I still doubt that the PSS will be better on the road course .
First they have a softer sidewall and second based on feedbacks from the Porsche community they tend to overheat and become greasy quickly ( i have personally experienced it also in a GT2 on the ring).

Before I jump on the PSS bandwagon I would like to see some data which supports the statements about them being faster than the GY's.
Use what you like.

If you use the Goodyears as a track tire, then I am speechless.
It's a street tire, not a track tire.

Don't jump on the PSS bandwagon. But remember that GM did on the Corvette C7. Like you said, "there is a reason GM choose them."
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I wouldn't speculate about GM's reasoning. There are too many unknown factors there to make assumptions as to reasoning, chief among them being money. The Z28 will have Pirellis. The ZL1 has the Goodyears. The Corvette has the Michelins.

Either they're all good only in one specific application - which is highly unlikely - or there are other factors at work.

I created this thread because I thought the rim guard was a bit of kitsch when I got the car. Found out, to my pleasant surprise, that it actually works. Was happy. Made post because I figured there were others out there who also thought it was a gimmick.

It's turned into tire war, and that's like bench racing. It means nothing. There are simply too many variables. One tire might own a certain track on a certain day on a certain car under certain conditions. Preferences vary widely.

Now, with that said, everyone please continue going off topic as it is, for once, interesting.
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I want slicks for the track!

I am still happy with my Goodyear tires. All of them Goodyear, Michelin, and Pirelli all have their strong points, I have used all three brands on different vehicles. GM has to buy thousands of tires for these vehicles, of course cost is a factor. Oh and to echo your statement I like the rim protector, I prefer them to non rim protected tires.
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