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Exclamation Busted Water Pump?

Hey guys so to get a little background of what's been going on lately with my car.

Maybe these are factors or obvious due maintenance you be the judge, and hopefully can chime in.

Here's the issue regarding a COOLANT Heating Issue I had on a previous post/thread (In Bold) :

Hey guys, so I checked out my overflow reservoir about 3 days ago - and it was DRY - Looked like... dirt / dusty-ish.. Anyways, I was going to do a radiator flush. Now even more of a reason ??

Anyways, I had seen my coolant temperature going to about 220's - mid 230's -- (Maybe more...but I just noticed the few times the past 2-3 months I felt my engine wayyy too hot)*

Now that I had flushed and filled with new coolant - the temperatures are going up to 235's - 240's easy now.. (No hard driving...literally driving about 9 blocks down (no traffic)).

--Info on how I did the coolant-- I put in distilled water first - did the whole thing release the petcock to drain it (release cap to increase drain pressure).
Refilled it - with the distilled -- Let it run for about 15+ minutes with distilled water and it took forever to reach 230.

Let it sit.... Drained it again (Made sure to bleed it so it wouldn't have bubbles).*

Closed petcock - Filled with 50/50 dexcool - about the same as I had drained out the other times.

Turn car on --- took forever to reach 200...right? Now as I'm going down the last 4 blocks to my place (It goes up to I get to my place and I turned that b**** off asap...) *I heard the fans turn on around 240 ish i think..[Don't think I want to risk trying that again xd?]*

Drive to my place from where I departed is about 10 minutes...

What's going on =/???*

Could I have caused a problem by barely noticing I've been possibly driving without coolant for the past 2-3 months(Such as head gasket; please god no...nooo!) but yeah...*

Any and all help would be appreciated, asap. <3 (its my only car u.u)

I hear it could possibly be:

Eroded / Obstructed Radiator Core
Fan Connections (electrical / don't work)
Water Pump

Worst case scenario's -- Head Gasket and others..

[ Link Here: ]

Haha, I like the name :P (sixty9fordkiller)

Thanks for taking the time on chiming in.

*******UPDATE********So, I burped it how was mentioned in previous posts (Uncapped and started Engine, let it run for a bit till temps pull up, it burped some air out and spilled some coolant [I did this Solo, so I realized it when I had the throttle at 1500 at around 8-10 minutes.]

It's working perfect temps are staying at 190's *Typically under 200 if I'm not Hard acceling everywhere; then it'll be around 205-210.

Also when Idling it seems to heat up and go to about 210-225 (and at 225 the fans are coming on and throwing the temp back down to 210-216 and starts up to 225 again and repeats back down to 210-216)

[ Link Here: ]

So I did the above and everything worked perfectly fine. No more heating issues.

Then my car begins to have another problem [ Here's Link TO that thread: ]

(For those that don't want to click)Thread in BOLD

URGENT-- URGENT-- URGENT!!!!! -- Only mods I have are --> Injen Long Tube/Catch Can

Hey all, so I was driving a few weeks ago and I did a little rev from 1500 - 2000k miles while driving. The car had already been heated up, etc.

But then, when I take a turn to start heading to my house. I feel the car, different. It started shaking pretty violently, So I pulled over to the side and turned it off. Check Engine Light came on.....

I popped the hood and checked for any leaks, or wires being loose/disconnected.

Everything looks fine, in that regard. So I go get a code scanner, I run the code and got P0301 (Which is Cylinder 1). So I switch Cylinder 1, Ignition Coil with that of 4 - Clear the code and turn the car on again. It immediately started shaking violently again. So I immediately turned it off....

The check engine light didn't come on that time. SO I leave the key in the ignition(off) and wait about 5-10 minutes. I turn the car on again and violent shaking -- Turn it off (Check Engine Light comes back on).

I try running the code -- and It is no longer reading ANY CODES. I would've probably thought it would read P0304 (Cylinder 4, since I moved Cyl 1 -> 4 & 4 -> 1.

I bought new Spark Plugs and Ignition Coils (All 6 for both).

My questions are:

Why isn't the code reading anymore?

Should I just replace all plugs/coils?

If the car starts shaking violently like that again, what could it be?

URGENTLY NEED HELP -- Renting a car...and it's $$$$$$.....

Essentially I fixed this issue by replacing the spark plugs and ignition coils. Seems to respond better and especially during accel. The CEL went away, codes don't show up. The rough idle startup is no longer there.


So I turned my car on after not driving it for a week due to the cooling issues(Was still skeptical about it so wanted to check for leaks, there was none). Then I start the car, let it warm up for about 5 mins, then drive slowly around the block. Then I start speeding up to around 40mph, and I did it again. Then I think I smelled Coolant, went to my house.

The entire band was covered in coolant, and it was pouring coolant from (if you're looking towards the engine) the lower left side. So I turned it off.
Cleaned it all up, haven't driven it in about two months due to complications.

So now I'm wondering is it a BUSTED WATER PUMP?

I already bought the water pump; because I read somewhere that once the "bearings fail the water pumps have a puke hole". With Gasket and new TTY bolts.

I'm thinking and I've read, do I also need to replace the: Tensioner Pulley, Tensioner Pulley Bolt, and the Serpentine Band?

Thank you all so much for your time and patience with this. Thanks for any and all feedback
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Yellow Bullet
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This is the 3.6 LLT correct? My old 3.6 had a coolant/overheating problem, it was fixed for a week or so after I replaced the water pump. It was leaking coolant on the passenger side, I had a local shopping and find a couple gaskets gone bad. No problems after that
2015 Camaro 1SS/RS LS3 SIM
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Yeah it's a 3.6 LLT 2011 - It was also leaking from the passenger side pretty hardcore. So I'm guessing either the pump F**** or... Gasket.

So my main question:

Think its necessary to replace the Serpentine Band and the Tensioner Pulley? At the dealer its around $198+Tax

Online +Tax I found them OEM for $99. Should I just be safer than sorry, I hear if one of these go out and you replace the other one, that it could cause even greater internal problems within the engine?

Not sure, if a professional could enlighten me I'd appreciate it. But that's what I've come to find out through research.

Thanks for your time <3
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Drives: 2011 Summit White.
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Bump, need da help !!

Or would it be better to try to start my car, and record where its leaking from???
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'It's an experiment'
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Pressure tester would help. See if autozone has one to rent and you can manually pressurize the system to find the leak...

And this:

747 RWHP 794 RWTQ
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Have the same issue going on with my ls3.Leaking on the passenger side.Cant see the leak .My jack took a crap too.
Hard to see on car lowered
Let me know what you found out Thanks

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