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ESS Tuning Review

I thought this info would be useful to forum members looking for a new Supercharger kit. I wasn't able to find much info on this specific kit, being that it's fairly new to market. I had a couple bumps along the way, that could have been easily avoided, but I completely understood that going into this purchase. When a new product hits the shelves, the first buyers are often given special promotional pricing, knowing they are helping the seller work out some kinks. I'm glad to say there aren't many.

I purchased the kit Jan 18 2018. Communication with ESS was excellent. Every email was responded to by next day at the latest. The kit arrived on Jan 25. There were a couple missing items in the package, but they were quickly overnighted and in my hand before I began the install. No big deal.

I downloaded the instruction manual from the ESS Tuning website, and got to work. This is where I'll have to ding them. Incomplete is an understatement. Lots of missing information. After contacting support (which is usually a 24hr response time), it turns out the instruction manual online is old. They emailed me the new version, but it wasn't much better. So I reached out to Fluidampner directly, since the mystery revolved around the crank pulley. Turns out you need to remove the already installed Fluidampner 8 rib pulley, in order to bolt on the ESS 10 rib pulley. Easer said than done. This would require a different type of pulley puller. Not the one you need for the stock crank pulley. So back to the store I went. (This is where I would suggest a change to ESS. Why not contact Fluidampner and have them not install the 8 rib pulley in the first place? Maybe it'd be cheaper?)

Once the ESS 10 rib crank pulley was bolted on using the Fluidampner bolts (not the suggested hardware in the instructions, wrong pitched thread), the rest of the kit went pretty smooth. I really liked the preformed silicon hoses. Super easy to install. The intercooler is a beast. I used a jack to hold it up while I bolted it on. (#worldsheaviestintercooler)

One thing to note: Apparently Vortech ships their head units with 4 OZ of preinstalled lube. After installing the unit, swapping out the flat plug for the vent plug, I checked the fluid level. Dipstick read full. However, upon startup and driving, the vent tube seeped a little fluid. This appears to be quite common. My recent web searches found several people had the same issue. They seem to only need 3.8 OZ or so, as my dipstick still reads full, and the seepage has stopped. I pulled the head unit and cleaned the mess.

Second thing to note: After installing the alternator bracket, make sure the bolt head doesnt rub your belt. Loosen all bolts, bang alternator over, tighten down so bolt head is parallel with belt.

I purchased a Tuner Kit, so this thread doesnt contain and info pertaining to the Fuel pump/fpcm/bap/injector install. I supplied them myself.

After dropping in some DW90# injectors (thanks rdpmotorsports) and flashing the injector data, I dropped it off at Redline-Motorsports. I was suprised that it ran as well as it did on the way there. No boost of course.

Up until this point I knew the hardware in this kit was good, even though I was a little ticked at the instructions. But once Redline tuned the car and saw the power it made, my frown turned upside down. Turns out the little V3 can move some air. On their Land and Sea Dyno-mite Dyno, it made 711whp @ 6100 rpm on 93 octane on 10.3#s of boost. Wish we would have revved to 6800! In comparison, my buddy's 2015 SS m6 with a Procharger P1SC, cam, exhaust, E85 @ 10.5#s made 651/575 on this dyno.

My tuner suggest not pushing the stock ls3 shortblock past 750whp, so as it sits, I think I'm done. No need for E85, or meth. Car is a blast on the streets! Shopping for some ET Streets and off to the track!

Overall I am very happy with my purchase. I'm sure the small issues I had will quickly be worked out by ESS. They're a very well know and reputable company in the BMW world, and I don't see an instruction manual holding them back for long

Here are some sideways pictures for your bent neck viewing pleasure.

Modifications are:

ESS Tuning Supercharger kit (tuner kit) w/95mm Pulley
Howards Cams ASA camshaft (226/236 525/525 110) not really ideal
PAC beehive springs
Trickflow 7.4 Pushrods
Texas Speed 2inch Longtube header (no cat)
Custom 3 inch exhaust w/xpipe
DW90# injector
ZL1 Fuel Pump
Redline-Motorsports Calibration
Attached Images
2011 Camaro SS M6
ESS Tuning Supercharger @ 10# 711/638
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Congrats and Enjoy!!!

825WHP / 835WTQ at 13.7psi on E85 10.8sec@129mph DA 7,724ft at 14psi boost on SBE
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Drives: 2011 Camaro SS 6sp
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Intercooler shot for those curious.
Attached Images
2011 Camaro SS M6
ESS Tuning Supercharger @ 10# 711/638
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Nice review. Car makes good power for the mods. Enjoy!

2013 Victory Red 2SS 1LE
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