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Originally Posted by Taz_FL View Post
your correct, any of the 3rd gen camaros i ever rode in rattled like crazy and I believe the sunroofs leaked, if not on all of them it was most of them. No offense to anyone here that owned or owns a 3rd or 4th gen, but those cars NEVER appealed to me. IMO after the 2nd gen camaro they weren't worth owning until the 5th gen came out.
What are you guys talking about? My 86, which is not in very pristine condition at the moment, doesn't squeak, rattle, or have leaks in the T-Tops or eat up anything (besides gas ). The motor for the rear hatch even works too.

I've been driving it for about 3/4 of a year, and it has been just sitting around for about 4 or 5. All I've done to it is a standard engine/transmission checkup, fixed a couple of problems in the rear end and it was good to go. Been running like a champ ever since.

As for the IROC in the video; DO WANT!

Today I went to Orielly's to change out my serpentine belt, as I walked by one of the Orielly's associates who was helping somebody asked me if I knew where the sparkplugs would be on a Honda Civic... I simply told him that; "I don't know, I only work on American vehicles."

He told me that was the best damn answer he ever heard.
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I guess I was one of the lucky ones. My 87, which I still have, I bought new and put 200k miles on with the original 2.8/5-speed never rattled, leaked or chewed up parts. It hit 212k in 98 when I pulled the eng & trans and swapped in a 400 sbc & M22 muncie trans. The condition you get any used car is all dependent on how it was taken care of by the previous owner(s).
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I owned a 1985 TPI IROC-Z and a 1989 5.7 IROC and both were great cars for the time. The style still rocks today!
MagnaCharger TVS-2300 550rwhp 540 rwt and a radical suspension under the car.
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Originally Posted by Dznyfn View Post
What I learned is that an '87 IROC is a "very" rare car.........
To say the least
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