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He found it. It's in Georgia. He's not going to buy it back

My VIN = 2G1FK1EJ9A9105017
Build Date: 04-23-2009 according to:
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just an fyi if you ever what to find out where a car was last seen use came to this thread too late otherwise i would have helped find it but when i just search the vin on the website it pops right up that it was last seen in memphis
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Originally Posted by vroomapunk View Post
He apparently found the owner, but they had done alot to it and had even more plans for it, so he let it go.

"The reason I dont want to buy it back is because they definitely like the car a lot, they've done A LOT to it, they want more than 60,000 for it which as much as I love the car, is ridiculous, and I also would have no way of going to look at it in person if I bought it, and with a car like this I would have to. They were talking on and on about racing it and plans for it in the future and keeping it for a long time and all this. I'm sure if I put up enough money they would sell it, but after hearing them talk about it I'd almost feel bad. They sounded like they liked it as much as I did. They also dont sound like a bunch of rednecks who bought the car to do burnouts in, they definitley knew a lot about cars and were people who I feel comfortable having it.

If I paid enough money I guess I could have almost any object I wanted, but for some reason I feel like I should go ahead and let them keep it for other reasons. I'm glad the car got around to someone who appreciates it and not a 25 year old that just wants to do donuts and hoon it around. I also have this feeling that since they've done so much to it (suspension, changed my wheel to something other than the forgestars, camshaft upgrade, LS3 conversion, brakes, linelock kit, and a few other things cosmetic, it isnt really the same car.

Some of you might think the thread was pointless, but I called the owner with every intention to start naming off prices till he decided to hand the car over, but after talking to him for a while I just dont think it's the right thing to do. It's someone elses turn to enjoy the car that I put so many hours into, and it kind of makes me happy that someone is enjoying something so much that I put all that work into. It's almost more fulfilling than actually buying it back. I really didn't expect to be saying any of this, I actually expected to be posting pictures of it next to my GT by now."
I'm sure they'd of felt even more bad if they knew what you went through to finding back your ex-car. and would of sold back the car at same price.
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