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Its good to hear from the Chevy team; I am glad that they're listening.
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Originally Posted by tribone View Post
The days of “no replacement for displacement,” are over
.... as proven by the 'stang making 80 more horsepower from a 5.8 when the ZL-1 is a 6.2?

Sorry, I'm a Camaro guy, but you might wanna change the wording a bit.

Originally Posted by fbodfather View Post
.........we are far from finished.................
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Very well written, kudos.
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good to hear these words, but I was already reassured yesterday by using simple logic. Lots of things were missing from Ford's media blast on the new GT500...important things like: TIRE SIZE, MSRP + COST FOR ADDED OPTIONS, AND 0-60 MPH/QUARTER MILE TIMES, etc. WITHOUT THIS INFO, one can't make a valid statement as to which car performs better (around a track or in a straight line). I have faith in the ZL1...and like I posted elsewhere, if you want more power either for bragging rights or because you actually think you will be able to put it down to the ground, there are plenty of tuners ready to oblige (e.g. Lingenfelter) to easily bump you to 650hp or more for less than $5k
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Wow, Al is putting his money where his mouth is, that shows confidence in the product. Now, we'll have to wait and see what shakes out between these two, because his credibility now rests on the ZL1's ability to do what he says that it can.
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Thanks for sharing!

Al just responded to the hype. It is clear that GM sees the challenge being answered and will do all they need to to keep the Camaro on top of this segment.

I've seen 700 hp Super Snakes fall to much lower powered Camaros and I'm very much looking forward to the chance to do the same to the new 650hp GT 500. Put the power to the pavement or the race is over before it begins. Until Furd proves this is being done, I'm not worried about it.

"For Mustang fans, you’re welcome. Clearly the Camaro has encouraged Ford to throw everything they can at us" <------ This is awesome!

Thanks Al!
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hmm public service announcement. im not a mustang fan but when i see a letter pop up with reassurance to evade buyers remorse. it makes me wonder if they are worried bout the bottom line
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Source of the letter or it's fake.
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I think the letter is great...but long as Chevy has the Vette there will be limits......

...Ford doesnt have that burden.....
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Originally Posted by Nessal View Post
Originally Posted by kannon View Post
Source of the letter or it's fake.

Al O.

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What happens when Ford release the performance numbers? What if 0-60, 1/4 and ring time are better than the ZL1? If the letter is true, sounds more like damage control to me.
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Like I said before and Big Al just helped confirm what we must do, KEEP THE FAITH. This is a great time to be an enthusiast. For comparison sake all we have to do is look at the way things went down with ford releasing their new in-house powerstroke info after chevy released their duramax info first and tried to one-up them, chevy just responded prior to the release with more power but the main thing was that the duramax still beats the powerstroke even though it is not rated as high in the spec sheet war but it's the actual performance that matters. Just as Big Al has stated, we have more to come.
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