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HPDE on "old(ish)" tires?

Sorry for another tire thread.

My Supercar G2s have 6 HPDE days (although 2 days at least partially in the rain so not ran as hard) and about 3700 street miles on them. They are also around 5 years old at this point, although always kept in the garage out of most of the light and weather.

At the last event a few weeks ago, it was clear the tires are losing grip and don't have what they had it in new. They have plenty of tread life in it, and are nowhere near the wear bars though.

So, the question is: Is it getting UNSAFE to track these? Clearly, my lap times are down a few seconds and I can (maybe) live with that. What I don't want to deal with is surprise loss of grip (like these tires do when they are cold) since they are probably getting hard by now. (Surprise is probably the wrong word, as we should know cold/hard tires don't have the same traction, but you get the idea).

I'm leaning on replacing them before the next event, but part of me hates to throw away tires with plenty of tread life in them.


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Captain Gingerbeard
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Visually inspect the tire. Inside sidewall especially. Make sure there aren't any cracks in the sidewall or in between the treads. Any visual cracking, junk the tires.
If they look fine, the only thing you're giving up with old tires is the maximum traction. After 5 years, depending on the storage, you're probably around 80% maximum traction or so. (semi-educated guessing on that, lol)
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BMR Sales

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If you are asking this question, I think you already know the answer!
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I'd use them as street tires and get a track setup.
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Thanks all for the quick replies.

Tires do visually look great, just had them all off bleeding brakes.

Track setup not yet an option. Still have 12 wheels and 18 tires from the 4th gen in the garage and basement. So by order of the wife, I'm not "allowed" to buy more wheels/tires till some of these are gone since the car has been gone for a while. Most of them are probably just trash now....

Probably just get new set anyway....
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Norm Peterson
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If your garage is unheated, it's at least possible that the accumulated winter storage time is somehow involved.

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Drives: 2014 ZL1
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Decided to put the new tires on. Figured at this rate, they'll go another 5 years or so and the investment was worth it.

Bad news is the installer did a little damage to the wheels. Good news ism they comped the install and then said "send us the invoice from the wheel repair and we will cover anything additional over the cost of the install". Best I can hope for in that situation.
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