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Ill keep you guys updated I dont think im going to even talk to the service guy that helped me im going straight to the regional manager.
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Originally Posted by Nutbutt View Post
Nope, I see most Cadillac owners bring in their cars and having the upper induction cleaning every other year and paying for it, no questions asked.
I dont how many Caddy owners will put up with that but for so long. If thats the case I wonder how many will be going with Caddy on their next purchase.
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Originally Posted by Eddiefuzz View Post

It's called a top end cleaning. My dealer said I was supposed to have it at about 25000 miles. That's when I researched and found out about Sea Foam. It's written up in DIY section here. The dealer wanted about $280, I use about 1/2 a can just before every oil change. I also take off the pelhem cover and wipe out the intake.
Whats a Pelhem cover? You mean Plenum?
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Originally Posted by nicko524 View Post
So, I took my car into the dealership on Monday Dec 9th due to a check engine light that came up when I started my car early morning trying to go to work. It was on the cooler side for Los Angeles weather at 530 am probably around 45 degrees? Upon cold start up my car began to immediately idle rough, the whole car was shaking and the check engine light immediately came on. I turned it off and started it up couple more times and each time the idle seemed to slowly come back to normal but with a slight jump in rpms. I then proceeded to contact onstar with my car still running on idle and asked them to run a diagnostic. The onstar rep then said that I had a miss fire engine code and that theyre standard procedure is to take the car into the dealer to get it checked out (I figure this is a good idea because I have the extended warranty and the General Motors Protection plan as well). So I NEED to be at work in like 20 mins so I said I would call back later and I'll use another vehicle we have at home to go to work. I also wanted to see if they car would act up again on a cold start in the afternoon. So I go to work and get home around 1130 and start it up and a check engine light came up again and the idle was a lot better not quite normal, but still better. So I hit my little blue onstar button again and I talk to the rep and they say the same thing they told me early that morning so we make an appointment at the local dealer (Camino Real Chevrolet). I drop it off with them at about 1230 pm that same day. I told the Service guy exactly what happened and he told me he would take care of it for no problem and that he would keep me updated EOD each day. He didnt call me Tueday, but he called me Wednesday. He told me that we are going through all the systems and checking everything and that they also cleared the check engine light. He also told me that it's not acting up anymore so they don't know what is wrong so they want to keep it little longer and of course he apologized for keeping it so long. So Thursday goes by and he doesn't call and yesterday, Friday he calls and tells me my car is ready and that he is going to charge me $120 for a diagnostic and that they found carbon build up on the #5 cylinder that miss fired. They cleaned it with their "GM cleaner" and cleaned out all the systems and that it's running fine now. I asked him how my camaro (which has 38,600 miles on it) could have carbon build up so soon and how they could charge me that fee with my warranties I have. He told me it's probably whatever gas company I'm using that they charged me the diagnostic fee because it falls under maintenance. I told him I only use Shell, 76, and Chevron so how is that so then, what would cause carbon build up. Couldn't really give me an answer. So today (12/14) we went to the dealership to pick up my car with my father. He told me exactly what we told me on the phone yesterday and again we question how we would get charged diagnostic fees with the extended warranties we have if it's a fuel issue and we gas up at probably the 3 biggest gas companies in America (and we have proof with receipts since I got the car that I gas up there). He again tells me it wouldn't fall under my warranties and that it's simply a maintenance issue and that they really couldn't exactly tell me what was going on to get that carbon build up on the valve besides bad fuel. (sorry for the all the reading)

So my question to you guys here is what do you think could be wrong? was I wrongfully charged? and what can I do to prevent this from happening again?
I would appreciate any information through PM, email ( or even txt (6262779210). Thanks in advance.

- Nick S.

I apologize greatly for the vehicle concerns and service experience. I understand the frustration that this causes. If you do not have an open GM case with us, feel free to message me privately and I'll create one for you as well as reach out to the necessary customer care specialist. They help resolve customer issues at the dealer level.

Kind regards,

William R.
Chevrolet Customer Care
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