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What are your experiences going past 650 hp N/A? The ol' girl is making every bit of 650hp, which I believe is pushing the limit for being "reliably modded", if such a thing exists. Of course, it wouldn't hurt my feelings to have 50 more hp...

Really, I'm trying to look at this wholistically, keeping the reliability of the whole powertrain in mind, not just the engine.

For context: performance cam and valvetrain, ported factory heads, full exhaust, stock intake, tb, injectors, and fuel pump.
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Gary B
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Look at Race Proven Motorsports videos on Youtube. I think the highest they've seen is like 626 rwhp. Probably a little more left but you would have to experiment.
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There's plenty of recipes out there to hit a big number N/A. Whether or not it will be streetable and reliable enough to not need constant valvetrain checking is another thing. Remember that certain COPO 5th gens came with 427's. Last I heard they were making North of 900hp. Granted thats crazy compression, race gas only, etc. You'd have to talk with a valvetrain expert. Someone that does that for a living. They could get you into the 700rwhp area but it won't be cheap.
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