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Old 09-17-2022, 10:14 PM   #29
Camaro fanboy

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it's just an s550 with a face lift. NOT A CHANCE.
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Originally Posted by raptor5244 View Post
The ZL1 is still the better performance bang for the buck, especially if you track it but the new Mustang starts to shed light on an aging Camaro interior. If you don't care about being a little slower the Dark Horse model at about $60k could work vs. a $72k 2023 ZL1.
You're not wrong. Pictures dont tell the whole story on interiors, but I dont like the S650 dash very much.

Maybe I can get over that, or even feel different about it in person.

I will HAVE to consider a Dark Horse with the cost savings. $12k+ is a lot of money, and I do like the exterior quite a bit.
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Old 09-17-2022, 10:26 PM   #31
Thank you Al Oppenheiser!
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650hp convertible?

Originally Posted by raptor5244 View Post
Be honest, how many are thinking of going with the new S650 Mustang now?

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Old 09-17-2022, 10:32 PM   #32
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I'm not a brand loyalist. I like the looks and would love it have one, not getting rid of my Camaro to get one though.

Before I got my LT1 I was cross shopping the Challenger, Camaro, and Mustang. Ended up in a Camaro because last year when I bought there was one on a dealer lot without markup.

I personally would love to have all three in my garage and that is ultimately my end goal, just waiting until I retire from the Marine Corps and be done moving around the world.
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Even though Ford fixed several issues for 2024, I will keep my Camaro as I always planned, with no regrets. There is nothing in this new Mustang that could sway me to seriously consider buying one.
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The last Mustang I owned was a 1991 white GT 5.0 fox body. Back then the 5.0 Mustangs were very popular and beating the Irocs and Pontiac Firebird/Trans am. �� I always preferred the styling and powertrain of the Chevy and Pontiac muscle cars over the Ford Mustangs and never owned another one since.

Now we are headed for a major shift in auto industry. I wonder how the enthusiasts at GM really feel when these see the launch of a new Mustang? Are they a little annoyed? Are they thinking, we are building a next generation performance EV sedan that will rival any ice based Mustang? At least the folks at Dodge are making an attempt to make EV muscle cars desirable. GM has indicated nothing. Their message is, Camaro is gonna die, if you want something cool save your money and buy a Corvette for $20k over sticker. Otherwise, may I interest you in a EV Equinox, Blazer or Lyriq.
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I am keeping my Camaro forever its a blank canvass for me to do whatever I want to it mod wise and it came with the V8. Down the road after we get what we need I will want another performance vehicle to go alongside the Camaro though and looks like Ford is the only one that would build what I would want unless I got a C8. I am not brand loyal it is the companies job to make what I would buy. GM did that with my Camaro now which is my forever car till I die when I bought it new in 2020. If I end up with a Ford Mustang parked next to my Camaro in the future that is on GM for it not being a second Camaro.
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Old 09-18-2022, 12:52 AM   #36

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short answer - no. getting rid of my camaro, too. what's a boy to do now???
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Camaro fanboy

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i want to see what ford has done to the suspension. forget the looks. i want to know if they have improved the tea trolley handling. has the hood flutter over 90mph been solved?
does it still tramline?
can it hold a straight line on the motorway?
the s550 was a nightmare to daily drive. i despised the thing after about 1 week of ownership
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Nothing in this new Mustang interests me enough at this point to even consider one. I don't care for the way it looks, especially the interior, and I'm more interested in chassis dynamics and handling over raw power so the boost in horsepower doesn't do it for me.

If/when I ever get rid of the Camaro, I'd probably move on to something like a manual Supra, or if I had the money, an Emira. Those would be new experiences for me, and not like any other cars I've had in the past.
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Originally Posted by lt4camaro View Post
Never ever would the mustang interest me. You can buy a base C8 corvette for 65k, and a stang with a 10 speed auto and shipping will be 50k. The dark horse starts at 60k and that will not be even close to a C8.
If you can find me a new or used C8 for $65k let me know. Lucky to even find one under 80k used for the looking i did.
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Old 09-18-2022, 06:59 AM   #40
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I'm honest, hell no and I already have Camaro Lt1 with Maggie 2300 and toohighpsi Port Injection that's run 10.34@135 on 628/550 and we haven't run it on the 677/628 since we got off the dyno last week. So I'm good, bring the S650 to the track, lets go
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The Dark Horse has been added to my list of possible vehicles. I really like the exterior, rims and seats. Having owned a ZL1, the hp and tq difference is a slight concern. Have had 8 plus Camaros over the years, no Mustangs. The Vette just isn’t my thing and it’s auto so f that. Would need to know real availability and out the door prices to make a true decision.
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Dark Knight
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