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Originally Posted by lbls1 View Post
^Good luck in finding a mint 4th gen ls1...
Well the unthinkable happened to me. After owning my 2000 SS for 14 years, I opened the door one morning and the wind got a hold of it and slammed it into the adjacent stone wall. First time my car has suffered any damage on my watch.

We are talking the wind fully extended the door into the wall. 5th Gens don't have the 4th Gen door woes. Damn the long ass doors on 4th Gens. It cracked the very end lip of the door and I probably cause more damage having to pull it off the wall than the initial impact. The damage is in the ONE place you don't want it to happen, the edge lip of the door. I'm trying to figure out what's the best way to repair FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic). This was only the 3rd time I had her out this year.

I get it, crap happens. But this just chaps me.

Here's a before:

And after:

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^Ouch I feel your pain. Your first course of action is in getting a very good auto body guy/gal. If it were me I would see if you can get a new door skin, but you may even be able to graft in a part of the skin where the damage is located. Dunno since I'm not a body or collision expert, but I've been thru a few mishaps on other cars.

You should not fear, as almost anything is fixable. You want the damage to be fixed properly, and the paint to be perfectly blended. With the repair done right, the car will seem as good as new.

Edit: Check your door hinges while the car is being repaired. You may as well replace those if the wind gust caused damage to the hinges.
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Just seems like everyone has completely lost interest in the 4th gen,and the ls1..I went digging around the old websites , etc and there’s like 2 ppl on the older forums which you’d think would of stuck around ,but I guess not..
I went looking to see what was for sale, maybe find a deal on something cool and there was 2 cars listed for sale!lol...
Today it seems like it’s all the used car d3alers who have them now,after all being traded in..
Although there was a lot of stock cars ,even low mileage like under 2k at decent prices for some,others they were asking nut ball pricing in the 35k range,to 38k, which is just way over priced considering I can buy a 5th Zl1 for 35k with really low under 5-10k on the clock..
I just like to find a mint 4th gen with a LSX454 conversion done right, and finished without any issues..
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