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Originally Posted by 78RS_to_112SS View Post
I just asked my dealer to look into this for my 2011 2SS and could not find any info from GM on this... Did anyone find a fix for this?
I do apologize for any inconveniences that you may be experiencing with this issue. If you want to contact your dealership for them to check your VIN for any recalls, programs, or applicable warranties, it may be the best thing to do. Also GM of Canada is available as well. Their phone number is 800-263-3777. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact me.

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Passenger Airbag Sensor Issue

Hello all,
I am a previous Gen 5 owner(2012 LS, 1st owner) and soon to be Gen 5 owner(fiancee has a 2013 LS, 1st owner).

This is a long story so I do apologize. Let's start with my 2012 camaro. Shortly after buying it, we discovered that my 5'8" 125-130 lbs lady, would not turn on the airbag light. I figured I was the only one with these issues, so I did not bother to google it. After getting the run around at two different dealerships, with multiple trips, all I had was a reflashed SDM and a new seat sensor. Needless to say, my problem was not fixed. I was fed-up to say the least. So after contacting a lawyer, we began the Arizona Lemon Law process. I won the suit and GM bought the car back for the entire amount purchased, minus a small amount for the 18,000 miles I put on the car.

Here is the kicker, I just found out thru Carfax that GM resold the car. If they fixed something, I am unsure. I have my reservations on that one.

So now here we are again. I do not often drive my Fiancee's car with her in the passenger seat, but this weekend, I did. Can anyone guess what did or did not happen? If you guessed the airbag light did not come on, you are correct.

Now what do we need to do to get GM to change the parameters on this seat sensor? I do not think we need another recall. I am sure a simple parameter change to the seat sensor will do the trick. After reading some posts, I am certain that my Fiancee is not the only woman in the world to ride in a Camaro and weigh 125-130 lbs.
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Passenger Airbag Sensor Issue

Hi Joe21,

I have had this issue for 3+ years now. The airbag rarely turns on now when my wife is in the car.

They blamed the seat position, he leg position, the shape of her body (she's pretty normal).

In addition, we duplicated the issue at Chevy with the ODBCII connected. The mechanic stated that the sensor classified her as a child (she is about 5'6" / 160 lbs).

In addition, they replicated the issue with one of their employees.

After replacing the sensor twice, offering to replace the seat (which they rescinded) and offering to replace the car (which they rescinded), the now claim that the air bag indicator is operating as designed.

Now, it will turn on and off while she is in the seat. This is after I asked my wife to not move while in the passenger seat.

They told me it is due to shifting weight as a result of my driving (I am a passive driver, trust me).

So here we are after BBB arbitration and now, I am finally out of warranty.

I brought the car in recently because the air bag indicator was now showing both on and off at the same time. His response was they would look into it but service is no longer free.

I suspect it will take someone getting killed until they act on a recall.
Ambient Weather
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I know i'm posting rather late, but my husband (twoblindsheep on the forums) and i were just in an accident monday in head on collision with an electrical pole... Every airbag in the car deployed but mine on the passenger side =/ we were in my 2014 SS. I will post pictures if you like. Currently Chevy has been contacted and will be looking into this and i plan to post in the forum details as well. Most definitely address your concerns to your local dealer AND Chevrolet.
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Originally Posted by baLListica45 View Post
I know i'm posting rather late, but my husband (twoblindsheep on the forums) and i were just in an accident monday in head on collision with an electrical pole... Every airbag in the car deployed but mine on the passenger side =/ we were in my 2014 SS. I will post pictures if you like. Currently Chevy has been contacted and will be looking into this and i plan to post in the forum details as well. Most definitely address your concerns to your local dealer AND Chevrolet.
Even though GM doesn't care I am glad you're safe. As new, my car used to recognize a gallon of milk in the passenger seat, now when my brothers wife 5'-4" 125lbs gets into the car it still shows off. She actually pointed it out to me. I then got in the first time it didn't show on. I am 5'-11" 182lbs. I got out then in again then it said on. Not good at all. Lately I am noticing way too many build quality or lack of issues with this product. Dealerships are also very freaking rude and incompetent.
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Passenger Airbag Sensor Issue (My Experience)

Having the same issue, my wife first noticed in our 2010 1SS at around 60k miles about 6 months ago. This is obviously a known safety issue and was on the phone with GM for an hour today and all they could do is pass me off to some guy back at a local dealership, the same one that was trying to charge me almost $700 to repair. Not to mention the first dealer who wanted to charge me $84 just to see if there were any codes after I told them the system was not throwing any codes b/c I had already had a mechanic do that and figured it was just a loose connection under the seat. About 4 months later I purchased a ZL1 and gave the SS to my wife, so being a safety issue she wanted to go ahead and have it checked out, so we took the car back to another dealer over the weekend (same one I just purchased the ZL1 from) and what do you know it is not throwing any codes and they basically had to tear the whole seat apart just to tell me it was a bad sensor. $129 bucks just for that... Not to mention the other services we were having performed like having a second key made and the dealer telling my wife that "the recall on the flip key was not a safety issue and not to have it done" On top of this even sold her a 2nd key for the car with the same flip key fob that's on the safety recall which oh by the way GM advise on the phone today that it was actually a safety issue!!! (Talk about incompetence) Still have not heard back from GM about what they are prepared to do about the issue with the airbag, I feel at this point I have seen enough complaints over the internet about this issue that GM should have done the right thing by now and done a recall. I remember when I owned a G35 Infiniti that had a known airbag issue and what did Nissan/Infiniti do, they replaced the airbag under a recall before someone was killed or seriously injured. If GM doesn't make this right I can honestly say the ZL1 purchased last month will be my last GM purchase ever and I'm only 32 yrs. old, I have a lot of car buying left in me. (God willing) And I'm tempted to sell both vehicles and go get a GTR at this point, I'm so fed up and who's to say down the road the ZL1 won't have the same issue... This is truly unbelievable!!! GM this is a serious safety issue with numerous Camaro owners documenting this not only on this forum, but other sites as well what will it take for you to do the right thing before people get hurt. People plan for brakes, tune ups everyday things that may go wrong on cars or even buy extended warranties on powertrains to avoid costly repairs, but never in my life did I think I would have to foot the bill on a known safety issue with any car. FYI... Make sure you all take your cars in to a dealer and have the issue documented otherwise GM will not recognize this as an issue. Sorry for the long post, but hopefully in the future this will be helpful to others having the same issue and help get this put on a recall list.

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I had the same issue happen about 2 weeks ago just driving on I-10. My wife pointed it out, I looked up and it was off. I saw the light go back on. So has anyone found a resolution? It has not happened since. So i am wondering if it corrected itself.
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Lol that Dave started this. Wife's '11 LT just started doing this
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Waiting on that industry lawsuit. They'll sweep this under the rug but harass us with a pointless key fob recall that they didn't even have the neccasary parts to perform it for months after they sent out notices. You'd think they'd show some consumer respect.

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Just got the same issue, :/
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Passenger Side Air Bag Off

I just started noticing this as well. Normally, I drive alone, not an issue, but when I take a long trip, or even a short trip for groceries, it has started showing OFF for my 17 yr old son. I will bring this up with the dealer when its in for its next oil change.
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Now mine has caught a bad case of this. The problem is intermittent, not voluntarily reproducible. I cannot seem to trigger the malfunction (or clear a current malfunction) by turning, braking or accelerating; passenger weight or position does not seem to be a way of changing the status; pressing on various parts of the seat (with or without a passenger in the car) will activate the seatbelt warning, but not the airbag.

It just seems completely, utterly random. On straight, smooth roads, with the passenger NOT moving around, it will suddenly trigger a malfunction ("Service passenger air bag" appears on the DIC, the airbag on/ off indicator goes to "off," and a warning chime sounds). The malfunction may clear in five seconds, or five minutes, but seems to have nothing to do with road condition, driving style, or passenger weight or position.

It's so damn random that it makes me insane. Random sucks, because it makes it essentially impossible to pinpoint the failure location.

Here's a question, though: Anybody else with this problem also having any issue with the driver's side speaker wiring shorting out? When I have the door open, and the radio on, often the speakers will not work, unless I wiggle the wire bundle (near the door hinges). Then they will crackle to life, as long as the bundle is in the "correct" position. I will fix it, just haven't gotten around to it yet... curious to know if this might be a related issue (some sort of short that throws signals out of synch all over the car), and if others with the air bag problem also have the same wiring issue with the door.
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Scalded Dog

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The airbag issue has now been fixed. I spent a lot of time going to different shops, trying to fix it myself, trying to work out some "creative solutions" (like trying to "jump" the airbag on/off switch, so that it is always in the "on" position (to trick it into always believing there was a passenger in the seat). Does not seem to be possible).

No independent shop would touch it... all said it was a dealer- only repair, due to the need for certain GM- only proprietary software, both for diagnostic and final programming of components.

First dealer gave me an estimate of $1400. Second dealer I went to (since $1400 seemed a little steep!) got 'er done for $900. AS almost every post/ thread on this forum seems to eventually indicate, it was the PPS (passenger presence sensor).

Just FYI, that PPS isn't a simple thing. I had pictured something like bubblewrap under the seat cushion (no idea why it can't just be a simple on/ off switch, but, whatever). However, it is not bubblewrap: It is a crazy mat made of a copper grid, that generates radio signals (and even its own voltage, as demonstrated to me by an electrical engineer: we completely removed the seat from the car, and when one sits on the seat, the voltmeter attached underneath the seat reacts to (micro) volts being generated!), and communicates in many ways with the control module.

After 110,000 miles, this was the first time the car has had to go in for work, so I can't really complain TOO much. However, it seems that this problem is common, and a common failure that is astoundingly expensive to fix (and could result in a fatality unless fixed). That just sort of rubs me the wrong way.
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I feel as though GM should be fixing this no matter miles or years owned on the car. I contacted them today via web chat and they won't do anything about it.
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