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Old 07-16-2017, 10:44 AM   #43
UK Basketball Rocks
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ford make cheap junk cars..they need to wise up sell the junk and get themselves a camaro.
i wont be buying one just yet..we're paying off our house next week..wont take me long to save up to buy another camaro without a mortgage[/QUOTE]

and what does Sweden make my friend? Ford isnt the best selling manufacturer in the USA for nothing. Im sure you wont be missed at FoMoCo.
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Glad you like the Camaro but the Mustang is a damn nice car in its own right as well and it's easy to forgot that we are lucky to drive these fine pieces or automotive engineering and design in any trim and engine levels.
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OP, I'm not sure how you wouldn't notice the things you didn't like during a test drive of the car especially if there was a lack of low end power. Why did you trade your Camaro in the first place? Should have just done a remote tune on it and called it day....

I recall you spending half of your life wiping the under carriage down and clay barring it every time you drove it so I was surprised when you said you had traded it on a Mustang.

I really like the look of the new Mustang much more so than the Gen 6 Camaro but I've never driven any Mustang before so I have no idea what they are like. They sure are bloody popular cars though....

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Originally Posted by rontammy0 View Post
I tend to be a little harder on traitors that jump ship....then come back claiming how bad the car was that they initially thought was better then their 5th gen. Dont you dare come strolling back into my hood thinking all is good. You screwed up now your going to had big balls leaving that have now been replaced by a @#$ina.This in hopes of finding acceptance back into the world you left. A full on apology Camaro 5 wide better be in the works or else shits going to get Joe Pecsi in a hurry.

Originally Posted by 13LTLoveIt View Post
2013 Camaro is the best, a sweet spot of later Camaros. A bit more power than the 2010-2012, infotainment screen & best tail lights if any Camaro year models. Also a proper sized grille, before the 2014 shrinking and further shrink of the 2016s.
It's good you're not biased.
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Yellow 1
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Good to see him back - great fun reading his rants and keeping up with his underbody polishing regime....
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drew peacock
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that is cheap..very cheap..ffs if i hadn't paid of me mortgage i would have boughtthat immediatly..just 2k more than i sold my pos mustang for
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