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Old 10-16-2017, 09:20 PM   #1
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[ASKED] 2016-2017 A8 TC Shudder

First just wanted to say thanks for taking the time to read feedback directly from us buyers, I certainly appreciate it.

I'm sure you have by now heard about the A8 torque converter shudder issue. There's a lot of threads on it here, as well as on the Corvette forums. It seems like there has been at this point multiple variations of the torque converter that has been used with the LT1, and several bulletins regarding replacement of the TC/"triple flush" of the transmission fluid to fix a shudder that occurs at certain RPMs/speeds. Most troubling is that a number of individuals have stated that they have had multiple torque converters installed only to have the shudder return (as well lots of reports of shudder returning after triple flush). I personally have a 2017 SS (built Aug. 2016) which developed the shudder, and which luckily went away after the triple flush (although I now experience significant vibrations from the driveline that I'm having the dealership look at tomorrow). Critically, it seems like GM has been mostly silent as to what's going on, whether there is any long term danger to our A8s as a result of whatever causes the shudder, and whether there is any permanent fix or if the issue has been resolved. Some have suggested that it's a problem of the torque converter being pulse modulated and constantly locking/unlocking to smoothen the transition between V4 and V8, one forum member claimed that some dealerships spoke with GM engineering and they are replacing the stator in the TC to fix the issue (with the original stator having small cracks in it), while others have suggested that GM just used the wrong fluid during original assembly. Can you please shed some light on what's going with our cars and the A8s and whether there is any permanent fix to the issue? Thank you.
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Got my vote
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Originally Posted by CruzySS View Post
Got my vote
+1. My TC was replaced and operates perfectly now. I'd like to know the actual cause of the shudder. Pulse modulation for V4 - V8 operation seems makes sense to me given mine didn't start until +10k miles, only under light load/low rpm and down shift caused it to immediately go away.
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Norm Peterson
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Subscribing for the general knowledge.

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+1 Waiting to see if the triple flush keeps mine from coming back.

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Help us AL!
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+1 Just had the tri-flush yesterday.
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Well written- I couldn't agree more with your request +1
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I'd agree as well. +1
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Al, we would all like a response from you. I, too, have had this problem.
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+1 Another 2017 with an early build of 6/16 with the shudder. Just had the triple flush done a few week ago. Thanks killervette666 and Al!
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I have no skin in the game on this one, but do think this one needs to get answered as well!
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My '16 Camaro was built during the 2nd or 3rd build week and developed the TC shudder early on. The dealer started by trying to see if TCM updates would fix it but eventually determined the TC should be replaced. Car shifted smooth for a couple hundred miles but afterwards developed the shudder once again. Dealer moved forward with performing Document 16-NA-175 (tranny flush) and the car has been shudder free thus far after over 1000 miles. (knock on wood) Shortly thereafter, the car started shifting hard during 1 -> 2 shifts and holding 1st gear for what seems like forever after you first put it into drive. After driving a few miles, it eventually goes away but comes back upon the next cold start. I've checked the forums here and it appears quite a few others have this issue but are calling it "normal" - not exactly comforting in my book.

It's beyond frustrating to still be dealing with these tranny issues almost 2 years after taking delivery. I'm sure your team at this point is hard at work developing the 7th generation Camaro but it would be nice to have some hope that GM is actively working on fixing and making the first and second MY 6th gen cars right again.

Thanks for taking the time to read our feedback
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