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It seems to me that there are at least two situations:

1) Those people who did not research and bought unknowingly
2) Those people who did research and did not find the information
because it was either not available or they didn't know where to look.

For the first situation, people did not do their due dillegence so if they have something that is not what they want they are responsible.

For the second situation, Chevy is responsible. They should have made sure the information was well known by dealers and the public, especially as the sale is being made. Why would they not do this (Assuming this is what happened)? Prior to purchasing my SS I knew very well the differences between the manual and the automatic. Not only did it seem to be publizied, the dealer/salesman even discussed it with me to make sure I knew how they were different. If you think about it, it benefits the company to make sure people know. The company does not need bad publicity.

Bottom line for me is that if people don't know about the differences between the two verions one has to ask why? As for the consumer, we can't get away from being responsible to do our research. However, for the company, they have to make sure that they have communicated accurately about their product. A question for Chevrolet is do they think that they have adquately done that given that some people say they tried/thought they had all the information.
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How disappointing that by buying the vert I am limited to only 155 mph...
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