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you assume the dealer is knowingly giving a broke car back?Sounds like it ran well for 2 weeks before another symptom,should they hold onto your car for 2 weeks before they think its fixed?Jesus get a clue,there are no crystal balls or magic wands intermitent electrical problems are by far the worst to locate give these guys a break there doing there best and you playing the fool is not making it better
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Are you setting any MAP sensor codes? I was getting an intermitant MAP sensor code p0107 and it would trigger a service stabilitrac warning, the car would run like crap and if it stalled or I shut it off it would crank but not restart. Traced it down to some harness damage by the starter and starter heat shield and the right rear back of block. It was very hard to see and really tight, I managed to reposition those harnesses and the problem went away. After 700 miles of no more issues I took it to the dealer, showed them the issue, they repaired and rerouted those harnesses and its been fine since.
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Most of the time if your getting relay chatter it means there isnt enought voltage there to close the relay or could just be a bad relay.
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Service stabilitrak-car wont start-wont change gears

I have a 2011 camaro, which in the shop for the 3rd time and i haven't even had it a year.. I was wondering if anyone had experienced the intermittent problem of when you try to start the car "service stabilitrak" displays and the car doesn't even attempt to turn over or make any noise, after a few attempts of turning the key off and on, the car finally starts BUT still displays the service stabilitrak message and the engine light comes on, when you start to drive,it doesn't switch gears, i can be going 25-30mph and the rpms are all the way up to 4,000 and the car never shifts and runs VERY loudly, then when I let off the gas it takes FOREVER for the RPMs to come back down. I can shut the car off a few times and try to drive it again and it will still do it, then i can stop and restart and its GONE. When i took it to the dealer it didn't leave any codes, they had it for 3 days and were clueless.

The other problem my car has, which is the second time I'm having this fixed, is getting the " Ac off due to high engine temp" my car had been sitting in the garage for 10 hours and displayed this messgage upon starting the car. thermostat gauge doesn't work and I get no digital temperatue on my dash controls either, but the car never over heats.
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2011 SS SLP ZL427
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Considering a Mustang youll be in the same boat the Mustangs are having problems to especially with Reverse in the Transmissions and electrical issues its not the Car these days thats the problem its the Federal Government breathing down these automakers back for lighter more fuel efficient cars thats why we have this nonsense with cylinder deactivation on the automatic V8's to turn it into a 4 Cylinder, it is rediculous a V8 should be a V8 if you want economy by a V6 there forcing the manufacturers to install all this nonsense on the car that will only end up breaking and causing us problems you want to blame someone blame the Government.
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I know this is an old thread but, I had a the same problem right after I installed my headers and tune. At first I thought it was the tune? Nope, it was the positive battery cable on the driver side coming in contact with the header! It melted and would short out periodically causing it to turn off and flash that same message!
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Look at drive side drain by cowl itt leaks into harness remove wiper trans sidodraini

Originally Posted by Goliath View Post
I thought the issue was fix by reflashing the ECM by the dealership 2 weeks ago. Again, it came back on Saturday night and I had to call a tow truck. The relay fuze was making a loud ticking noise, but the engine won't crank. After the tow guy dropped my car off to the dealership drop-off point, he started the car back up. WTF!!! ...This has been the 10th time the car won't start and start back up normally after 1 hour or so. I'm sick and tire of the run around that excuse "I can't fix your car issue, unless it break down for real." What happen when my warranty runs out?

The dark side is calling me.... I'm strongly considering trade this no good Camaro in for a 5.0.
reseal rubber drain silicon it right over harness water runs down shorts harness reset light every will be ok happened to me

Last edited by Raycole; 02-23-2013 at 08:23 PM. Reason: Second thing goes wrong throttle pedal position switch has 2 switches inside set code causes same thing
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Anyone figure this issue. Exact same thing happening to our car. That stabilitrack message comes on and car doesn't start. Tried new battery
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2010 Camaro v6
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