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Stuck Desires10
Yep...I'll own one!
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Advice and Info

Hey guys, just joined and been reading your stuff..haha

I've been following the concept since day one of

Been reading alot on specs and arrival dates and all the fun shiv.
As of now im getting one, i was going to put the 1k down for order, but I
have a few connections at a dealer that my father used to help run. Basically they told me not to waste money cause give it three months and its expected to be readily available. Not for the fact that no one will buy, but just because all the buyers are going to be specific on what they want.

I plan on obtaining myself the performance model. Honestly engin specs and stuff arn't tooooooooooooo important to me. Looks are what win a car over in my heart. But non-the less I plan on grabbing a v8 model. As far as i've heard from the dealer they are going to be rolling out at around 35k - 37k for the v8's. Depending on how GM works the whole one choice or two choice of v8's no one really knows

I was reading some topics on the negotiating thread and you guys are a giggle. I think you could put together an effective book on how to get the cheapest price for a car.... I'd know I'd buy it

Any who... just wanted to ask some opinions:
As far as the different models are concered I've just basically read what chevy has on their performance page. Other than that I haven't studied too hard in what they will offer in "different" models to come if at all. I just want one that has some horse power (wheather the LS3 or 9 or 2 or what ever is used ) And I want the widely spaced ratios so I can burn the punks when racing to the movies:tweetz: !!

Would it be smarter to order on when the time comes closer around Nov 08' or should i just wait to see what they start throwing in the show rooms in mid 09'? I'll most likely go thru the dealer i know just because they help me out TONS with keeping my 1979 Caprice Classic as close to mint as possible even tho i drive they nice bunch of guys, and I'd be willing to pay the mark up if they continue to take care of me!

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Well...I don't know how long you want to wait, but I can tell you I kind of have to wait a little get the wife mobile paid off. But, this would actually be better for me...since I want to see what they are going to offer later on. It's happened before that a car is released w/ a certain engine only to have the hp #'s bumped up or even a new engine put in it the following year (GTO). So, who knows?

You can't go wrong w/ buying a new Camaro when they hit showroom floors. I'm sure GM will toss in something engine wise that will smoke the competition anyway. But, if looks are what you are truly going for...I don't know just how much all that will change. Sorry...wish I could give ya better advice. I'm waiting.

And welcome to the site! Glad to have you with us.
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