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Originally Posted by ZED SLED View Post
This has to be a record for the oldest necro-thread to get resurrected. Might even be one of the 1st threads on the forum.

No kidding! This thread is from 2007! Until today, this thread was dead for 8 years! I wonder what the guy ended up buying, and if he still owns it?
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A silly question receiving an obvious answer. Camaro, of course. If I'd wanted a Challenger, I would have bought one. I fell in love with Camaros in 1967 and although I was disappointed with some of the later generations (Gen 2 and 3) I still wanted one through thick and thin.

I'm one of those silly old guys (61 now) who did all the responsible things during my 30+ year working career. I took care of the home and family, paid my bills, and saved as much money as I could looking toward retirement (my time). 58 years of age came and I had zero bills (other than utilities), a nice house, a good 401K, and a nice stash of cash in the bank. It was time. I never even considered anything but a 5th Gen Camaro and still don't (though I may be tempted by a 50th Anniversary 6th Gen in 2017).

The Challengers look good and I am a Mopar fan (loved the late 60s to early 70s muscle) and I've had Dodge trucks since my first one in 1996 (on my third one now -2010 - love it), but the 5th Gen Camaro got me as soon as I saw one. Mustang? No thanks.
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Holy crap, this thread will be old enough to vote before we know it. I think it all depends on what you want out of it. For me, I was more in the market for outright performance, and preferred the styling and interior of the Camaro, but if I was looking for something a bit more comfortable that I could use as a burnout machine (that's exactly what my 24 y.o. co-worker did) then I'd probably opt for the Challenger. I've been reading about the Scat Pack cars in reviews, and I'd really like to have a Scat Pack Charger to daily...and a Scat Pack or Hellcat Challenger to cruise...and an SS sedan...and an ATS-V...and a CTS-V...and an M3...and a Colorado...

I think I need to start making more money...
2012 Camaro SS - Sold

Selling off my remaining wheels, tires, 27mm front sway bar, and MGW shift knob. Get them out of my house before my wife puts me out!
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I looked at and drove all 3 when I bought mine. I'll never look back. Love the Camaro
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almost a decade old thread....

the necro is strong with this one
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Originally Posted by ZED SLED View Post
This has to be a record for the oldest necro-thread to get resurrected. Might even be one of the 1st threads on the forum.

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I've owned 4 Chrysler/Dodge vehicles. The last one put the nail in the coffin. They can only get worse, if possible, now that Fiat (Aka Fix It Again Tony) owns them.
Not a styling issue for me, but a quality and dependability issue. Best one I owned was a Pacifica, probably because Dailmer had their hands in it. Worse - Caliber. Squeek, creek, rust machine. Back to GM after a Hiatus from my 77 Buick.
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So by answering a question, you become part of a historical thread. I will not even visit a Dodge forum, so that's my answer.
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I agree with everyone here and disagree at the same time. Before you cast your stones I absolutely feel the 5th Gen Camaro trumps both the other ponies easily! But I have to admit that the refresh Challenger is how the Challenger should have debuted and if we were talking about the looks of the v6's, SS,RT,RT Scat of 2015 I have to give it to the Challenger even over the Mustang. The Mustang just doesn't stop me in my tracks like a Camaro can and now the '15 refresh of the Challnger. I also have to say I would NEVER buy another pony other than a Camaro but right now The Challenger is the best looking pony.

Now if we go to the BIG DOG trims 1le, Srt8, zl1, z28, Hellcat of the '15 line up.....Camaro HANDS DOWN is the best!!!! Just my opinion not knocking anyone's ride. Camaro to the death of me!!!!

BTW...I'm talking solely on APPEARANCE
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IF they offered the Challenger with a convertible top along with the 392 and 6 speed stick, I would take a hard look at it.

But until that day comes, I am very very happy with my Camaro convertible.
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I have a '11 Chrysler 300, the Challenger shouldnt feel the same way as my sedan when driving it.

Camaro > Challenger >

My Build
'11 Chrysler 300 Limited / '10 Camaro 2LT
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I think jack tripper may have commented on this old girl.
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I liked the challenger because it was more roomie for big people and it drove well, but aftermarket options were super slim there wheel bolt circle is unusual and limited options, plus mods were really limited and finding a tuner was even tougher. plus hotrod put out a magazine showing what breaks at what power. Lots broke on the challenger.
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I have done a multi-day rental in all 3, 2012 Camaro LS, 2013 Challenger R/T, and a 2012 Mustang convertible.

I'll be honest, before I had the chance to drive each for a few days, I was 100% sold on the Challenger. But then I drove them, and absolutely fell in love with the Camaro. Just a nice all around car that was comfy to drive in. The Challenger was nice, but didn't have a very 'crisp' feel to it that the other 2 did. The Mustang was awesome as well, and when it came down to purchasing, it was between the Camaro and the Mustang. I found a 2011 Camaro LT/RS convertible that fit every one of my needs at a good price and jumped at the chance.

If I was buying a car purely for looks, Challenger all the way. Those cars are just mean. But for enjoyment factor of driving? Camaro 100% of the time. Not to mention, the Challenger doesn't have a convertible option.
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